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WCPW Road To Collision Course

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WCPW Saturday Night

Live from The Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California


Lance Russell welcomes us to tonight's show. In tonight's main event, we'll have Kerry and David Von Erich teaming up to take on The Twin Towers, The Big Bossman and The One Man Gang. Plus Nick Bockwinkel, "The Magnificent" Don Muraco, and Gorilla Monsoon will all be featured in action. We're less than two weeks away from Collision Course, the two night, two city supercard that has all of the wrestling world talking and tensions are running high! Let's go down to ringside for our opening bout! An eight man tag team bout pitting The Guerrero Brothers and WCPW World Tag Team Champions, Strike Force against The Disco Inferno, Barry Horowitz, and The Heavenly Bodies!


Hector Guerrero, Mando Guerrero, and Strike Force defeat Disco Inferno, Barry Horrowitz, and The Heavenly Bodies in 11:24 after Tito Santana hits Disco with The Flying Forearm.


Strike Force talks to Lance on their way back to the locker room. They thank the fans for their support- citing it as an integral reason for their success as tag team champions. They are quickly interrupted by The Heavenly Bodies. The Bodies tell Strike Force that they were lucky that buffoon Disco Inferno lost the match for The Bodies team but he won't be there at Collision Course! It's going to be 2 on 2. The Bodies say that Strike Force hasn't faced opponents of their caliber and at Collision Course, the tag team titles will change. The two teams have a heated exchange but officials rush in and send the two teams to their respective locker rooms before fisticuffs break out.


Don Muraco (With The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) beats Lash LeRoux in 3:13 with a shoulderbreaker


Lance Russell manages to get a word with Don Muraco and The Grand Wizard of Wrestling at ringside after the match. Russell asks Muraco about his steel cage match against Jimmy Snuka at Night #1 of Collision Course and if he's afraid of Snuka who's making his return from the ring after the brutal, savage attack from Muraco that took him out of commission for months. The Grand Wizard of Wrestling chides Russell and tells him that Muraco is no savage. Snuka is the savage! Before Buddy Rogers discovered him, he was hanging out in trees like a damn ape and wrestling with the animals. Couldn't speak a lick of English! Still can't! Muraco did the wrestling world a favor by taking Superfly out of commission and he'll finish the job at Collision Course! Muraco says he's the only man who can tame this beast and Collision Course he'll do such a thing. Lance Russell says as Muraco and The Wizard walk off that their is no escape in a steel cage match in WCPW and he's afraid that Muraco has only awoken a sleeping giant. Russell says no matter what the result- this match will be brutal on both competitors and both might not walk out the same as they came in.


The Nasty Boys defeat The Mamalukes in 6:44 in a street fight after Knobbs bashes Big Vito over the head with a pool cue. After the match, The Headshrinkers and Blackjack Lanza and Bobby Duncum Sr run in and a wild four team brawl ensues.


Brad Rheingans beats Nick Bockwinkel in 13:04 by disqualification after Bockwinkel hits a piledriver on Rheingans on the floor. After the match, Bockwinkel goes for another but Jim Duggan makes the save.


Jim Duggan talks to Lance. Duggan calls Bockwinkel one of the most arrogant men he's ever met and he's looking forward to knocking him down a peg or two at Collision Course! Duggan says he was going to try to keep it fair and professional against Bockwinkel but after what he just did to Bockwinkel, there are no guarantees! Duggan says he's not going to hold anything back against Bockwinkel. This is no longer a professional wrestling match...this is a fight! HOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Gorilla Monsoon defeats Brutus Beefcake (With The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) in 7:52 with The Airplane Spin. After the match, Graham tries to attack Monsoon but Gorilla pops him before he can get a shot in. Chief Jay Strongbow comes in for backup and together the two send Graham, Beefcake, and The Wizard to the back.


"Superstar" Billy Graham catches up with Lance Russell. Graham says these fans didn't deserve to see Graham in the flesh but he had to interfere after he saw the aptly named Gorilla attack his good friend, Brutus Beefcake. Russell says he tried to ambush Monsoon! Graham says that's a bunch of crap! Graham says at he's looking forward to beating up that fat bozo at Collision Course and showing the fans what greatness looks like. Graham tells Russell that he finds it funny that they call this the City of Angels because it sure seems like hell to him!


We come back from break and Lance Russell is at the podium with one of the all time greats, former World Champion, Buddy Rogers. Rogers is set to make his return, at the age of 57, at Night #2 of Collision Course in the main event against WCPW World Heavyweight Champion, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair! It's match that the entire wrestling world has been wanting to see since Flair emerged on the scene. Russell asks Rogers what he thinks of those critics who think he doesn't deserve a world title shot? Russell is quick to point out that Rogers hasn't wrestled in almost fifteen years. Rogers tells Lance that he doesn't listen to the critics because wrestling matches are won in the ring not on paper. Flair seems to have all of the advantages when you look at the tale of the tape, Flair's almost thirty years younger, is in his physical prime while Rogers has a bad knee and a bad hip. Rogers says to be frank, the odds are stacked overwhelmingly against him but they were stacked against Seabiscuit and Jim Braddock as well. On any given night, any man can beat anybody in professional wrestling. Rogers says he's got a few things in his favor- his mind. The rest of his body is falling apart but he's as sharp if not more mentally sharp than he was when he won the World title from Pat O'Connor back in '61! He might not be a better wrestler but he's a smarter one. Second, he knows Flair well, his strengths and his weaknesses. He doesn't only know Flair's style, he invented it! Suddenly we hear the familiar strains of Also sprach Zasthura over the P.A. and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair enters with his bodyguards, The Warlord and Porkchop Cash entoe.


Flair shakes Rogers hand and asks for the mic. Flair says he admires Rogers and respects the hell out of him. He was one of his all-time favorites but he'd like to say that while Rogers innovated the Nature Boy persona, Flair perfected it. Flair says it's only because of his immense respect for Rogers that he's granting him this title shot but he tells Rogers not to get his hopes up. Flair says if Rogers thinks he's got any shot, at his age, against The World Champion, limousine ridin, jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', son of a gun WHOOO! Rogers grabs the mic away from Flair and says that Flair has always said "To be the man, you've got to beat the man." Well, Rogers says he is the man, the man Flair stole his schtick and finisher from. So Flair hasn't won anything...until he's beaten Rogers! Flair sulks and Rogers drops the mic. The two begin to have a heated argument and eventually Flair shoves Rogers, much to the dismay of Lance Russell. Rogers shoves back with Flair stumbling back and hitting the set's backdrop. The Warlord knocks Rogers out with a big lariat before he can rough up Flair anymore and Cash and Flair kick the original Nature Boy a few more times to ensure that he won't get in any more shots in on the World Champ. Russell decries this brutal attack and throws it to commercial as the babyface locker room clears out to save Rogers from any further damage.


We come back from break and a distraught Russell condemns Flair and his bodyguards for their attack on Rogers. He quickly throws it to the pre-recorded Collision Course report.


Collision Course, two nights, two cities, two astonishing wrestling supercards. Presented by World Class Professional Wrestling.


NIGHT ONE FROM THE COW PALACE featuring not one but two exciting main events. In the first part, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka has vowed revenge against "The Magnificent" Don Muraco and he'll get that opportunity in the confines of a 15 foot high steel cage. No escape! The only way to win is by pinfall or submission. In the second part, The Von Erich Brothers battle Gary Hart's Devastation Inc...Gino Hernandez and The Twin Towers with The Von Erichs' WCPW Six Man Tag Team titles on the line. Plus... The Blonde Bombers (Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens) take on Mr. Wrestling I and II in one of the most anticpated tag team matches in years and The Headshrinkers battle The Nasty Boys in a San Francisco Street Fight. In singles action, Hector Guerrero defends his WCPW TV title against "The Z-Man" Tom Zenk and Chief Jay Strongbow battles Brutus Beefcake. Puerto Rican sensation, Carlos Colon makes his Stateside debut against the unpredictable Pampero Firpo plus two more exciting bouts!


NIGHT TWO FROM THE MGM GRAND ARENA IN LAS VEGAS will be main evented by one of the biggest faceoffs in years- it's the battle of The Nature Boys as Buddy Rogers makes his return to the squared circle after a decade and a half absence to challenge the man who grew up idolizing him- Ric Flair for the WCPW World title. In other action, Gorilla Monsoon battles "Superstar" Billy Graham, former World Champion Nick Bockwinkel takes on "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, and WCPW World Tag Team Champions, Strike Force defend their straps against The Heavenly Bodies and The Patriot teams up with Brad Rheingans to take on Nikolai Volkoff and Colonial DeBeers. Plus three more exciting bouts!


Don't miss Collision Course! Shown on closed circuit television at locations across North America! Get your tickets today!


Ray Stevens beats SD Jones in 4:28 with The Bombs Away


Lance Russell shows us an interview he recently had with The Von Erichs at home at their ranch outside of Dallas, Texas. The Von Erichs say they aren't sure why they seem to be the target of such scorn from the rulebreakers of the wrestling world. David says it's jealousy in some cases. He thinks Gino Hernandez knew he couldn't make it to the top the old fashioned way like they had so he had to resort to turning on them to join Gary Hart and start cheating his way to the top. Kevin says Devastation Inc are some bad dudes but they believe that justice will prevail and good will ultimately triumph over evil. At Collision Course, Devastation Inc will get what's coming to them and with the fans providing the emotional support- the Von Erichs will come out on top.


David and Kerry Von Erich wrestle The Twin Towers (With Gary Hart) to a double disqualification in 9:12 when all four men jump in the ring and the referee can no longer control the action. After the match, Gino Hernandez and "Dr. D" David Schulz run in and attack The Von Erichs. Brian Adias and Kevin Von Erich make the save. The show ends with the two teams staring each other down, Hart's stable outside of the ring and The Von Erichs and Adias inside.

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WCPW Saturday Night

Live from The Arco Arena in Sacramento, California


Lance Russell welcomes us to another edition of WCPW Saturday Night! Tonight, we are live from The Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. We're less than a week away from Collision Course, the two night, two city supercard that promises to be one of the biggest wrestling events of all time. Tonight, we'll have a full rundown of the card. In our feature bout on this evening's show, "Superstar" Billy Graham will team up with his protege "The Magnificent" Don Muraco against the veteran team of Gorilla Monsoon and Chief Jay Strongbow. We'll also see the participants of Night #2 of Collision Course's main event going head to head, when Buddy Rogers manages his former clients, The Headshrinkers against the tough team of The Warlord and Pork Chop Cash, managed tonight by WCPW World Champion, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Plus The One Man Gang and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan will be in action. Let's go to ringside for our first bout featuring the tough tandem of Blackjack Lanza and Bobby Duncum Sr.



Blackjack Lanza and Bobby Duncum Sr defeat Disco Inferno and Barry Horowitz (With The Mamalukes) in 3:23 when Lanza hits Horowitz with a Lariat. After the match, The Mamalukes pummel the two for losing the match and then brawl with The Cowboys.


Blackjack Lanza and Bobby Duncum Sr talk to Lance after the match. Lance asks them about their just signed match with The Mamalukes at Collision Course. Lanza says he's looking forward it to it. To be frank, they didn't come here to display their technical wrestling prowess, they came here to fight and The Mamalukes liken themselves as one of the toughest teams around. Duncum and Lanza point out that the eyetalians in Brooklyn and New Jersey like to fight with switch blades and baseball bats while Texans fight with their fists. Their ain't going to be no switchblades in the ring at Collision Course, it'll be mano e mano and Lanza and Duncum reckon that Mamalukes are going to get a good ol' fashioned whooping!


Nick Bockwinkel comes down to guest commentate on the next bout, featuring his opponent at Collision Course, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Russell asks the former World Champ if he's afraid to get into the ring with a man as unpredictable as "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Bockwinkel laughs and says he's afraid of no man. If anything, Duggan should be afraid of him. He's a world class professional wrestler who has taken on and beaten everybody who is anybody in the sport, Duggan is a buffoon with a 2x4. Russell asks him for his strategy on Sunday- Bockwinkel figures even Duggan isn't dumb enough to think he can outwrestle him so he figures the oaf is going to go after him right away- no feeling out process. Bockwinkel admits he isn't the best at brawling- so what he plans to do, is upset Duggan because when he gets upset, that's when he makes mistakes and that's when Bockwinkel takes over. Bockwinkel guarantees victory not because he's a superior wrestler but because he is the more intelligent wrestler. Duggan may be able to duke it out past some ham and eggers but he can't outsmart a former world champion like Nick Bockwinkel.


"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan beats Kwee Wee in 1:04 with The Three Point Stance.


After the match, Duggan angrily confronts Bockwinkel at the commentators table. Bockwinkel tells him if he lays a finger on him before the match, he's calling his lawyer. Duggan grabs his 2x4 and chases Bockwinkel to the back with it.


Lance Russell says we're a few minutes away from our featured match but before that, he throws it to an interview he had with Gorilla Monsoon before the show. Gorilla says he's in the business for many years now and he's never seen quite a wrestler like "Superstar" Billy Graham. Graham's arrogance is overwhelming but you can't deny that he is certainly a great athlete. Monsoon is troubled by the fact that Graham sets a bad example for the kids. Guys like Graham and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Don Muraco embody a jet-setting, fast living lifestyle that just doesn't set a good example for the kids. Monsoon says he wants to show that hard work and humility get you ahead in life and next Sunday at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, it'll not only be a clash between two great wrestlers but a battle between two different idealogies.


"Superstar" Billy Graham and Don Muraco (With The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) defeat Gorilla Monsoon and Chief Jay Strongbow in 14:10 when Muraco grabs Monsoon's legs while Gorilla has Graham in position for a slam, this causes Monsoon to fall with Graham on top for the pin. After the match, Monsoon and Strongbow complain to no avail. As Muraco and Graham celebrate in the ring, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka comes out of nowhere and chases them to the back. After scaring them away, Snuka poses in the ring for the fans.


Jimmy Snuka talks to Lance Russell. Snuka shouts that Muraco tries to take him out but what didn't kill him, has only made him stronger! AND ANGRIER! The Superfly warns him that in the steel cage, there is no escape! Snuka won't be afraid to hurt Muraco the way Muraco hurt him! Snuka storms to the back as a bewildered Russell looks on.


As we come back from commercial break, Lance Russell shows us footage of Ric Flair and the thugs that he calls bodyguards heinous attack on one of pro wrestling's most beloved figures- Buddy Rogers.


Ric Flair comes out with his bodyguards for their entrance- he tells them to go the ring to warm up while he talks to Russell. Flair angrily grabs the mic and says first off- Rogers started it. His bodyguards were only protecting him so he could make his title defense at Collision Course and earn his paycheck- therefore they could earn their paycheck. Not that Rogers could take him out one on one anyways. Flair says Rogers has got him mad. He's his hero! How could he say such things about him!? Without Ric Flair around keeping The Nature Boy name alive, Rogers would just be another washed up old champion, dragged out every couple years for tribute shows. Flair said he was going to take this match easy, after all he's fighting a 57 year old man! 57? Who the hell would get in the ring at 57 years of age! Not only that but he's his hero! Well...that's not going to happen! He bets Rogers was hoping Naitch would let his guard down and he could have a chance at getting a fluke victory---THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN! Flair says he's MAD! And when he's mad, you better watch out because wild horses can't drag The Nature Boy down WHOOO! Rogers was good in his day but Ric Flair is the best thing going on today in professional wrestling! WHOOOOOO! Rogers heads down to the ring with The Headshrinkers just as Flair finishes and simply gives him an icy glare.


The Headshrinkers (With Buddy Rogers) beat Pork Chop Cash and The Warlord (With Ric Flair) in 5:44 when Fatu hits a diving headbutt on The Warlord. After the match, the two teams brawl and in the midst of officials breaking it up, Flair gets in a cheap shot at Rogers. Rogers fights back and soon the two men are duking it out as the shocked officials look on for a few seconds. Quickly everybody comes to their senses though and the two Nature Boys are held back.


Lance Russell throws it to The Collision Course report. A full rundown of the two supercards next week at The Cow Palace in San Francisco and The MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas!


It's The Collision Course report. Collision Course is less than one week away. Two nights, two supercards. One massive event of the year!


Night One at The Legendary Cow Palace in San Francisco, California featuring...



WCPW Six Man Tag Team titles match

The Von Erichs (Kerry, Kevin, and David) Vs Gino Hernandez, The Big Bossman, and The One Man Gang (With Gary Hart)


Steel Cage match

Don Muraco (With The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) Vs Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka


The Blonde Bombers Vs Mr. Wrestling I and II


WCPW TV title match

Hector Guerrero Vs Tom Zenk


San Francisco Street Fight

The Nasty Boys Vs The Headshrinkers


Pampero Firpo (With Gary Hart) Vs Carlos Colon


"Dr. D" David Schulz (With Gary Hart) Vs Brian Adias


Mando Guerrero Vs Barry Horowitz



Night Two from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada



WCPW World title match- The Battle of The Nature Boys

Ric Flair Vs Buddy Rogers


Gorilla Monsoon Vs "Superstar" Billy Graham (With The Grand Wizard of Wrestling)


Nick Bockwinkel Vs "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan


WCPW Tag Team titles match

Strike Force Vs The Heavenly Bodies


Chief Jay Strongbow Vs Brutus Beefcake (With The Grand Wizard of Wrestling)


The Patriot and Brad Rheingans Vs Colonial DeBeers and Nikolai Volkoff


The Guerreros Vs Disco Inferno and Kwee Wee


Blackjack Lanza and Bobby Duncum Sr Vs The Mamalukes


The Warlord and Porkchop Cash Vs Lash LeRoux and SD Jones


Don't miss Collision Course! Shown at closed circuit locations all across the USA. Get your tickets today!


Gary Hart and The Twin Towers talk to Lance before The One Man Gang's match. Hart says none of The Von Erichs had enough courage to take on The One Man Gang tonight so they told their little lackey, Brian Adias to show up. Well on Sunday, The Von Erichs have no choice- not only will they be taking on the 450 pound One Man Gang, but the 400 pound Big Bossman, and Gino Hernandez, the WCPW California Champion and one of the hottest up and comers in wrestling today. The Von Erichs' time is up and Devastation Inc will come out victorius next Saturday at The Cow Palace in San Francisco!



The One Man Gang (With Gary Hart and The Big Bossman) defeats Brian Adias in 5:50 with The 747 Splash. After the match, The One Man Gang hits another 747 Splash on Adias as the show goes off the air.



Feedback is not only welcome but encouraged....come on guys, it's not that bad, is it? IS IT!?


Tales of the tape for some of the undercard matches will be up tonight. Tales of the tape for the featured bouts and perhaps Night #1 of Collision Course will be up tomorrow.

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Alright, it's time for The Tales of The Tape. A short description of the buildup to some of the matches. The matches which don't have descriptions are basically matches to put certain guys over or are just time filler. I'm going to do Night One matches from The Cow Palace today and Night Two matches from The MGM Grand Arena tomorrow.


Collision Course is one (well technically two) of three supercards, taking place over two nights at two different venues over The Fourth of July weekend. The other two supercards take place on Thanksgiving Eve at The Los Angeles Sports Arena and in February on Valentine's Day weekend. There are monthly house shows that take place at The Portland Coliseum, The Cow Palace, and Grand Olympic Auditorium, which are televised on the city's Fox Sports Network affliate. Television tapings for WCPW Saturday Night take place biweekly, typically from a studio setting though sometimes they are typed at smaller arenas. Television airs in syndication across the country.


Live from the legendary Cow Palace in San Francisco, it's Night One of Collision Course, one of the biggest events in professional wrestling history!


Our first bout of the evening is...




Vs. 05.jpg


"Dr. D" David Schultz Brian Adias


David Schultz is one of the newest members of the WCPW roster and the latest addition to Gary Hart's powerful stable, Devastation Inc. In his short time on the roster, he's proved to be unpredictable and uncontrollable. He's blazing down a path of destruction- not wanting to stop until he reaches the WCPW World title and unafraid to take on any man- babyface or heel. As a result of Devastation Inc's feud with The Von Erichs, Schultz is facing off with The Von Erich Brothers' childhood friend and current ally, Brian Adias. Adias is a skilled, by the books technical wrestler who does not take too kindly to Schultz's ways. Adias is the undefeated Schultz's first real test in the WCPW. At Collision Course, it'll be a clash of wrestling styles and a clash of personalities!


Another new talent in the WCPW will be competing in our next contest which is bound to be one of the wildest brawls in recent memory.


04.jpg Vs 07.jpg

Carlos Colon Pampero Firpo


Colon, perhaps the greatest name in wrestling in Puerto Rico, is looking to make a name for himself in The United States. Colon is a courageous athlete who is not afraid to shed a bit of blood on the way to victory. He'll face one of the biggest tests of his career when he faces the wild man from Argentina, Pampero Firpo. The good referees of WCPW are afraid to take this assignment as the two competitors in this match are some of the wildest in the world and will stop at nothing to get victory.


04.jpg Vs 04.jpg

The Nasty Boys The Headshrinkers

San Francisco Street Fight


The Nasty Boys don't like to think of themselves as professional wrestlers. You'll see little chain wrestling in their matches. Their fighters and their specialty is the street fight- a match they haven't lost yet. A match with The Nasty Boys isn't about winning or losing, it's about survival. However, they may have met their match on a recent episode of WCPW Saturday Night, when they laid out an open challenge and the Headshrinkers responded. The Headshrinkers merely shrugged off the Nasties' chair and trash can shots. But can The Headshrinkers dish it out as well as they can take it? How will The Nasties respond now that they're the bullied rather than the bullies? It'll be most violent team in WCPW against the team most impervious to pain? What will happen? Find out at Collision Course?



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Our next contest is a clash of the tag team titans. It'll be Legends Vs Legends as The Blonde Bombers...Pat Patterson and Ray "The Crippler" Stevens take on Mr. Wrestling I and II...with #1 contendership for the WCPW World Tag Team titles on the line.


01.jpg Vs 07.jpg13.jpg



Our next bout will be a match between two of WCPW's most exciting performers...with the coveted WCPW Television title on the line. Tom Zenk, a longtime fan favorite, has been getting frustrated lately at his recent lack of success but that could all change as he takes on WCPW Television Champion, Hector Guerrero, another fan favorite who has been on a hot streak as of late.


15.jpg Vs. 05.jpg

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Our next bout will be one of the most anticipated bouts taking place at Collision Course. A match that's been months in the making. That match of course is the steel cage match between Don Muraco and "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. There are only two ways to win a steel cage match in WCPW...pinfall or submission. There is no escape!


The feud between the two began when during a WCPW tour stop in Honolulu, the Governor of Hawaii made a proclamation declaring it Jimmy Snuka Day in the State and giving a plaque to the grappler. This prompted Hawaiian Don Muraco to come out and ask why it isn't Don Muraco Day...he was born in Hawaii and has lived here his whole life, Snuka was born in The Fiji Islands, he grew up in the jungle! Snuka didn't take too kindly did this and says he's lived in Hawaii for years and these are his people! Muraco said the crowd obviously all came here to see The Magnificent One! Snuka challenged Muraco to a match later that night. The match proved to be one of the most intense in WCPW history, ending with the referee stopping the match and rewarding the victory to Muraco as a result of Snuka's blood loss. Snuka went mad and began to attack Muraco and his manager, The Grand Wizard of Wrestling.


The next week on WCPW Saturday Night, Don Muraco teamed up with "Superstar" Billy Graham to take on Snuka and his tag team partner S.D. Jones. The match ended in a fracas with the referee disqualifying both teams. After the match, Muraco and Graham managed to throw Jones out of the ring and incapicitate him. Muraco and Graham laid a brutal beatdown on Snuka that led to Superfly to being taken out on a stretcher. The attack left Snuka on the sidelines for months with a broken neck while Muraco bragged about being the man who took out Snuka. Meanwhile, Snuka's former manager and the man who discovered him, Buddy Rogers laid down a challenge to The Grand Wizard and Muraco for a steel cage match between The Magnificent One and Superfly. Muraco signed the contract but told the world that Snuka wouldn't be man enough to show up. Doctors ordered Snuka to retire or risk permanent damage to his health. It looked like Muraco would be right before Snuka made a surprise appearance a week before Collision Course to save Gorilla Monsoon and Chief Jay Strongbow from a post match attack by Muraco and Graham!


Snuka is out for revenge but Muraco is not one to back down from a fight. There will be no escape for either of them at Collision Course. They'll be one on one in the confines of a fifteen feet steel cage! Just another match you won't want to miss!


17.jpg Vs20.jpg

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The main event of Night #1 of Collision Course at The Cow Palace in San Francisco will be a grudge match for the WCPW World Six Man Tag Team titles. The Von Erich Brothers; Kerry, Kevin, and David will defend their titles against members of Gary Hart's Devastation Inc; Gino Hernandez and The Twin Towers.


The feud began after Kerry defeats one of Gary Hart's clients, Pampero Firpo in a Claw Vs Claw match. After Hart vowed revenge on The Von Erich Brothers. Soon thereafter, he brought in The Twin Towers, a team with a combined weight well over eight hundred pounds. The Twin Towers beat The Von Erichs regularly in tag team matches but could never climb over the hump in six man tags, with either Pampero Firpo or Gary Hart as their partner. However, Hart vowed to find the secret weapon to defeat The Von Erichs. And he claims he did when former Von Erich ally Gino Hernandez turned on the brothers during an eight man tag team match against The Twin Towers, Gary Hart, and Pampero Firpo. Hernandez claims that The Von Erichs did nothing but hold him back and now he's willing to do what it takes to get to the top! Hart has vowed to stop at nothing to take out The Von Erich Brothers but The Von Erichs are never ready to back down from a fight.


It'll be one of the most talked about matches in decades as Devastation Inc takes on The World Famous Von Erich Brothers in a match for six man tag supremacy...






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Night two of Collision Course takes place live from The MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and will feature nine exciting matches, including two title matches (For the WCPW World and WCPW Tag Team titles respectively). Let's take a closer look at some of the featured matches.


First match we're profiling is a clash between a beloved veteran of the squared circle, Chief Jay Strongbow and an arrogant newcomer, Brutus Beefcake. The feud started when Beefcake kidnapped Strongbow's sacred Indian headdress and held it for ransom.Strongbow vowed to destroy Beefcake and get his headdress back. Soon after, Beefcake began parading around with a pair of earrings with feathers (believed to be from Strongbow's headdress around them). Does the talented up and comer have what it takes to beat the well traveled, veteran? Find out at Collison Course!




Recently, two foreign villains, Colonel DeBeers from South Africa and Nikolai Volkoff from The Soviet Union have been blazing a path of destruction on WCPW. The two touted their superiority to American athletes- this drew the ire of former Olympic wrestler, Brad Rheingans who promised to take down the two. However, he couldn't beat the odds and vowed to find a partner. Who he found was a mysterious masked man known as The Patriot. The Patriot proved to be one of the most promising young wrestlers in WCPW but do him and Rheingans have what it takes to win one for the USA and take down the evil DeBeers and Volkoff?






Our next feud began on The Disco Inferno's recurring interview segment- The Disco Ball when he interviewed Bobby Duncum and Blackjack Lanza and questioned the two cowboys' toughness. The two took exception to this and Disco laid down a challenge to them on behalf of his friends, Big Vito and Johnny The Bull, The Mamalukes. The Mamalukes, of course, had no knowledge of this challenge but never willing to back down from a fight agreed to the match. It'll be cowboys Vs mafia. Who's tougher? Find out at Collision Course.


02.jpg Vs lanzaduncum.jpg

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The next match is for the WCPW World Tag Team titles. Champions Strike Force will defend their titles against white hot newcomers, The Heavenly Bodies. Strike Force formed after members Rick Martel and Tito Santana became upset at their lack of solo success. Strike Force quickly gained a new sense of self confidence and won the tag team titles soon after their formation. A year into their title reign, rumor has it that both members are about to embark again on solo careers and end the team. The Heavenly Bodies are quick to play this tension up, saying that one of them is bound to be waiting for the right opportunity to leave the team and that they haven't faced an opponent the caliber of The Bodies in month. Strike Force maintain that their team is here to stay and they're stronger than ever. But there are few teams left to beat and surely Santana and Martel (both accomplished singles wrestlers) are itching to get back into the singles rank. Will this be the beginning of the end for Strike Force? Or are The Bodies merely playing mind games? Two of the hottest tag teams in professional wrestling will clash at Night Two of Collision Course in Las Vegas!



06.jpg Vs 04.jpg

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Our next bout is a clash of two wrestling titans and two wildly different styles. One is a cool, calm and collected villain of the wrestling world while one is the wild, rabble rousing everyman. The feud between Nick Bockwinkel and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan began on an episode of WCPW Saturday Night when guest commentator Bockwinkel insulted Duggan saying that he didn't belong in a wrestling ring, he belonged in a zoo. Duggan managed to overhear some of this and confronted Bockwinkel after the match. Bockwinkel claimed that Duggan didn't know the difference between a wristwatch and a wristlock and couldn't last ninety seconds against him in a Greco-Roman style match. Duggan quickly agreed and a Greco-Roman wrestling match was signed for two weeks later with former Olympic wrestler, Brad Rheingans as referee. Unbeknownest to Bockwinkel, Duggan was an accomplished amateur wrestler as a high schooler, winning the New York State High School Championship in his weight class. Much to Bockwinkel's surprise, Duggan demolished him winning the match in two straight periods. The normally composed Bockwinkel went beserk and attacked Duggan and Rheingans after the match.


The next week, Bockwinkel and Duggan had a heated exchange in the WCPW Saturday Night studios that ended with Duggan chasing Bockwinkel with his 2x4. Bockwinkel relentlessly chides Duggan and says Hacksaw's anger will prevent him from ever even coming close to becoming a world class wrestler like himself. Over the next few weeks, Bockwinkel begins an attempt to deliberately upset Duggan to throw him off his game. At Collision Course, will Duggan regain the composure he needs to beat a former World Champion like Bockwinkel or will Bockwinkel be proven right? Find out on Night Two of Collision Course at The MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada!


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The winner of the next bout will likely go on to face the winner of Ric Flair/Buddy Rogers for the WCPW World title. "Superstar" Billy Graham is perhaps the greatest phenom to hit WCPW in its history and he will face one of the greatest challenge of his career when he battles grizzled veteran of the squared circle, Gorilla Monsoon. Monsoon has regularly used the pulpit of his position as a commentator on WCPW Saturday Night to decry Graham's arrogant behavior. Graham derides Monsoon as a fat bozo just like the crowd who cheers him and challenges him to a match. Monsoon is desparate to shut Graham up and prove that substances wins over style while Graham is trying to proof that he has what it takes to justify his boastfulness. Who will win? The soft-spoken, humble veteran or the arrogant Superstar of Wrestling?


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