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PYBO: Clash of the Champions IV: Season's Beatings

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NWA United States Tag Team Title Tournament Final

Eddie Gilbert & Ron Simmons vs. The Fantastics


Steve Williams vs. The Italian Stallion


Paul Jones vs. Ivan Koloff

*Koloff has one hand tied behind his back)


NWA Six-Man Tag Team Title

Road Warrior Animal vs. Dusty Rhodes

*If Animal wins, the Road Warriors can choose a new championship partner

*If Rhodes wins, he can choose two new championship partners


Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs. The Midnight Express

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I twice tried to watch this in 2006 and twice fell asleep - I don't think it had anything to do with the show, I was just tired both times. I'll try and give it another go before it expires Monday night. I still need to watch Holiday Hell too.

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Yeah he was a member of Paul Jones's army but I believe he turned on him after a lost. This was supposed to lead to a Ivan/Nikita tag team feud with Al Perez and Larry Zybisco but Nikta left before that happened.


The only matches to worry about on this card is the first match which ruled and the main.

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