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kkk Bowl: The Postseason

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Here we go:


Kahran: Arizona 21, Pittsburgh 24

Arizona 370 yards, Pittsburgh 300 yards


Devo: Arizona 28, Pittsburgh 24

Arizona 284 yards, Pittsburgh 278 yards


Both picked the Cards, so it will be determined by TB score.


Kahran: 45 points

Devo: 52 points


Much like the Super Bowl, kkk Bowl VI came down to the last-second:



But there was a flag on the play... :(


However, that really didn't matter much....



Devo: San Francisco 49ers


kkk Bowl VI Champion






































































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Man, I was really hoping this would come paired with a Cardinals win, but oh well.


Yet again talented teams are trumped by a mediocre squad that gets hot at the right time. Whoo!

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