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Wrestling amalgamation

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Cut and pasted from NHB, but it's still valid:


Hey, that reminds me - Is the revamping of the wrestling folder a subtle shot at the General Wrestling regulars? It just seems so lumped together. Navigation is easier, but there's a lot of GWR's, even if none of us want anything to do with the WWE folder. Something doesn't sit right with me.


I stand by previous "CTDWAT" for site feedback. It'd be a shame if this, or something like it, was thread 100k.

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It's the folder consisting of WWE stuff. It's a folder relating to the company, so technically the 'The' pertains to the folder rather than the company, so it's gramatically correct. It'd still work without the 'The' though.


How did it take nine posts for this to turn into a grammar discussion? We're slacking.

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