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So, a needle pulling thread

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Can anybody here sew? Is it particularly difficult? My coat's pockets are practically nonexistant due to holes, and I really want to fix them.

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sewing: in and out, in and out. really. you all know in and out.


the hardest part is not poking your fingers.


get you a needle and some thread and sharp scissors. cut a length of thread, about a yard or so. thread it into the needle and pull halfway through. tie a knot in the end of the thread. poke the needle down through both fabrics you want to sew together. pull thread through taut. then poke needle up through next to where it went down. in and out, in and out. when you are finished, tie the end of the thread through the fabric and cut it off.


really, it's quite basic. you don't need to know anything fancy to make simple mends.


http://www.monkeysee.com/play/2145-sewing-...ding-the-needle has very easy videos, follow the lead of the nice little old lady.


http://www.kids-sewing-projects.com/pre-be...ng-lessons.html for kids, but still very simple.

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