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Box Art Bonanza

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And no North American Mega Man 1 box art allowed. I think every internet user has seen it 21 times (at least) by now. That crazy European MM2 cover where he looks all knight in weird armour? Go for that one though. I shall start the ball!


Starting off with bad, I'm sure most of us are familiar with the Master System's awful, uninspired cover art. Here's one that's not only bad, but appears to be for a game that's obviously ripping a major license off:




I really like the MSX cover for Contra - yeah, the standard cover is pretty cool too, but I like this one a lot:




The red gives it a Virtual Boy feel, which isn't good, but let's ignore that since it obviously pre-dates the VB. You got creepy red, a target, a big ass gun, and kanji that looks kind of 'Godzilla-ish' in it's font type / colouring.

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One of my all-time favorites.



What's the deal with this? Is it a custom? I love the original cover, but this is just awesome.



Bought this for about $10, early in 2004 or so, just because the box art stood-out to me. Decent enough game.






I marked out like no other when I found out my favorite X-Men villain, Apocalypse, was going to be the focus of the second Legends game.


Well, enough of the good, let's get to the shit






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I always thought the Phalanx box art was pretty cool when I saw its box in the rental section of, like, Blockbuster or GameStop.

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When I was a kid I was never sure what to make of the earlier Mega Man series boxart. They were never really representational of what the game looked like, at all, and were also pretty damn ugly. I think now I like them for the nostalgia factor, but that's about it.

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