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uTorrent Error Message Problem

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I have not had a problem with torrents in five years. Now, I am suddenly getting an error message that reads, "connection closed by peer" for both pro wrestling torrents and xtreme wrestling torrents. I have done some of the suggestions I have found via Google searches (Options-->Preferences-->Enabling Protocol Encryption and Allowing incoming legacy connections), but it has not made it work. Please, I would EXTREMELY appreciate any help. I'm really hoping someone knows, I don't know who/where else to ask after this. Thank you very much.


This is what it looks like:




I did a speed test at dslreports.com. These are the results:


<a href="http://speedtest.dslreports.com"><img border=0 src="http://www.dslreports.com/im/66252628/9996.png"></a>


Now that error message seems to have gone away: now it says "DHT: 0 nodes (log in") and "DHT: Waiting to log in." I googled those error messages and have tried what it said to do, but it has not worked yet.

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