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Extracting MP3s from the Ipod...

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Same as title.


I lost all my MP3s due to a hard drive dying, and they are still on my Ipod. I would like to update my ipod with some new songs, but the hard drive is no longer housing all the songs I had previously.


I was wondering if there is any way I could get the songs off the Ipod to back them up again so I don't lose them.

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If I recall correctly:


Hook the Ipod to your computer. Show hidden files. View the IPOD from your "My Documents" folder. Go to my computer and view it as you would a flash drive...


They should be accessible from there. Pretty sure though you won't be able to tell what file is what without listening to them individually. Like they'll all have generic titles.


Mind you I haven't done this since like 2006.

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