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DLC and it's future in videogames

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They'll be no new consoles as soon as some people think (2010 onwards!!!!) due to the whole 'credit crunch' bullshit. Besides, they don't need to for the reasons Andrew has stated. I can see bigger Xbox HDs being released before a new console.


If I were a betting man, I'd say 2012 at the earliest, with WiiHD likely before then/first.

Sounds about right.

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I will say this about Skate 2. Outside of the Time is Money thing, the DLC is pretty good. They completely revamped three places from Skate 2 which includes a bunch of "Spots", a couple Hall of Meats and other goodies. I haven't gotten the "Fantasy" whatchamacallit, but I did grab the free pack with new taunts and clothes.


For 400 points, there was a HYOGE amount of content in that "Retro" pack.

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