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Epic Reine

Keanu Reeves appreciation

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He poked fun at himself in Thumbsucker. He basically played himself as a spaced out, new age dentist and was the funniest part of the film. Too bad like eight people saw it. Decent movie.

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Chalk up another vote for the awesomeness that is The Replacements. I can watch that movie hundreds of times and it never gets old.

Me too, anytime I come across it on tv, I'll stop and watch it if nothing else is on.


Line of the movie


John Madden: "He appears to be necking with that cheerleader!"

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Street Kings:


I just saw this movie for the first time last night and didn't mind it. It wasn't great but it was passable.




I didn't like the movie at first because it's confusing as hell the first time you see it but upon repeated viewings, I've grown to appreciate it a lot more. The supporting cast (minus LaBeouf) is great and who doesn't like seeing Gavin Rossdale getting his ass kicked?


Matrix Trilogy:


I saw the first one recently and yes, it still holds up. I like Reloaded too if not just for the over the top action sequences and I didn't like Revolutions at first but it's another movie I grew to appreciate upon repeated viewings. Yea, the sentinal battle scene drags on way too long but I find the movie acceptable way to end the whole matter.


A Scanner Darkly:


I enjoyed this one a lot. Robert Downey Jr. is hysterical and the crazy storyline and animation is awesome.

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I've enjoyed quite a few of his movies.



Devil's Advocate

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Street Kings

The Bill and Ted Movies


The Replacements

The Lake House


Point Break

Bram Stokers Dracula.


There are probably quite a few more, but I'm drawing a blank. He's got charisma and plays his parts well enough. He's in the vein of the great action stars where he's not technically a good actor, but he's got the presence to be a leading man regardless.

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I watched Street Kings for the first time the other day...thought it was pretty good. Forrest Whitaker was trying too hard but I can't hate the man, he's a damn fine actor, but otherwise I liked it enough.

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