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Matt Young

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

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Yeah, in England where we're obviously 20 years behind the times. But I know what a Sega Genesis is. I just didn't know why your version has Sonic in the title.


I wasn't being a smartass (I think Mega Drive is a better name anyway, and don't care for American football either), I was just remarking how is Genesis is pretty much an "only in America/Canada" thing. And yeah, Sega is actually taking the cynical marketing ploy of sticking Sonic's name on a compilation, of which there is like 40 other games that have nothing to do with him. The 1up Retronauts podcast where the producer was interviewed made it clear they were aiming for the value-conscious Wal-Mart consumer, and was looking to sell on the number of games + nostalgia + if it works, Sonic.


They cut out Shadow Dancer because of some crap with Germany having it being banned or something.

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