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The TSM Fantasy Game - Season Two

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Season Two

Sign up now!

For those interested in joining up for Season Two, or those who want to play again from Season One, please PM me even if you just say 'IN'. I'd like a PM as i'm placing all the entries in a seperate folder so I know for definate who to include in the first league table.

Don't forget, all tables are reset to 0 points for the new season so everybody has a chance right from the start.

So far we have confirmed:

TSM Fantasy (Season One Entrant)
JHawk (Season One Entrant)
DCH (Season One Entrant)
6foot9 (Season One Entrant)
King Cucaracha (Season One Entrant)
Garth (Season One Entrant)
Sivy (Season One Entrant)
JPopStarKami (Season One Entrant)
Brooklyn Zoon (New Entrant)
Daily Planet (New Entrant)
Fazzle (Season One Entrant)
Beast (Season One Entrant)
Matt Young (Season One Entrant)
Shady Pete (New Entrant)
The Ghost Of BPS (Season One Entrant)
Exslade (New Entrant)
The Buzz (New Entrant)
General Spliff (Season One Entrant)
David Blazenwing (New Entrant)
Eddiebrock (Season One Entrant)
CookieMueller (New Entrant)
Canadian Brandon (New Entrant)
Luke-O (Season One Entrant)

Month One begins with Raw (April 6) and ends with Backlash (April 26).
Month Two begins with Raw (April 27) and ends with Judgment Day (May 17)
Month Three begins with Raw (May 18) and ends with Extreme Rules (June 7)
Month Four begins with Raw (June 8) and ends with Great American Bash (June 28)
Month Five beings with Raw (June 29) and ends with Night Of Champions (July 26)
Month Six begins with Raw (July 27) and ends with Summerslam (August 23)
Month Seven beings with Raw (August 24) and Season Two ends with Unforgiven (September 13).

You can spend up to and including $50m on your 'roster' but not a penny over.
You must keep the same roster from PPV to PPV, and can trade up to three people out, and as many people as you like in, as long as you stay under or equal to your $50m limit.
The deadline for the next month is the start of the current month's PPV The second the PPV has started, you can't enter a team. Your roster will then be eligible for all of the Raw's, SmackDown!'s, WWE Superstars and ECW's until and including the following PPV. The PPV on deadline day falls under the previous month, for those confused.
If you don't include your team by the deadline, then your team from the previous month will be re-used.

Two points for every time a superstar makes an appearance on Raw/SmackDown/ECW/WWE Superstars/PPV (If a superstar appears two times in one show, then he gets four points, and so on).
Two points for competing in a match on Raw/Smackdown/ECW/WWE Superstars.
Three points for winning a match on Raw/SmackDown/ECW/WWE Superstars.
Three points for competing in a match on PPV.
Four points for winning a match on PPV.
Eight points for winning a Title.
Two points for successfully defending a Title.
Two points for appearing during the main event of a Raw/Smackdown/ECW/WWE Superstars show. This is the final match of a show plus any segment(s) after.
Five points for main eventing a PPV.
Three points for competing in a 'speciality' match.
One point for a weapon shot that connects.
One point for every time a finishing move is hit successfully.
Two points for eliminating somebody from a Battle Royal/Royal Rumble match.
Two points for eliminating somebody in an elimination match.
Two points for being nominated for a Slammy Award.
Five points for winning a Slammy Award.
Twenty points for winning The Royal Rumble.

Roster: (finishing moves eligible for point-scoring in brackets)


Batista 10m - (Batista Bomb)
Beth Phoenix 5m - (Glam Slam, Delayed Fisherman Suplex)
Candice-Michelle 3.5m - (Candywrapper)
Charlie Haas 2.5m - (Haas Of Pain, Impersonating Wrestlers Finisher)
Chris Jericho 10m - (Walls Of Jericho, Codebreaker, Lion Tamer)
Chuck Palumbo 1m - (Full Throttle)
CM Punk 9m - (Go To Sleep, Anaconda Vise)
Cody Rhodes 6.5m - (Evenflow style DVD, Roll The Dice)
D-Lo Brown 1m - (Lo-Down)
Dolph Ziggler 5m - (Standing Moonsault)
Goldust 2.5m - (Curtain Call)
Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2m - (Old Glory Knee Drop)
Hardcore Holly 1m - (Alabama Slamma)
Jamie Noble 3m - (Fireman's Carry Gutbuster, Trailer Hitch)
JBL 6.5m - (Clothesline From Hell)
Jillian Hall 3m - (Full Nelson Bulldog)
John Cena 12m - (FU, STFU)
JTG 4m - (G9)
Kane 8m - (Tombstone Piledriver, Choke Slam)
Katie-Lea Burchill 2.5m (Spinning Neckbreaker)
Kelly Kelly 3.5m - (Kelly Killer)
Kofi Kingston 5.5m - (Trouble In Paradise)
Lance Cade 1m - (Sit-Out Spinebuster)
Layla 3m - (Roundhouse Kick)
Manu 1m - (Belly To Back Neckbreaker)
Melina 4m - (Code Red)
Mickie James 4m - (Mick Kick, MickieDT)
Mike Adamle 1m - (No Finishing move)
Mike Knox 4m - (Knox Out)
Sim Snuka 1m - (Crack 'em in da Mouth)
Paul London 1m - (London Calling; Shooting Star Press)
Randy Orton 12m - (RKO, Kick Of Death)
Rey Mysterio 7m - (619 followed by Droppin' The Dime)
Ron Simmons 1m - (Spinebuster)
Rosa Mendez 3m - (Finisher To Be Named)
Santino Marella 4.5m - (Snap Swinging Neckbreaker)
Shad 4m - (G9)
Shane McMahon5m - (Coast To Coast)
Shawn Michaels 10m - (Sweet Chin Music)
Snitsky 2.5m (Pumphandle Slam)
Stephanie McMahon 5m - (No Known Finisher)
Stone Cold Steve Austin 1m (Stone Cold Stunner)
Ted DiBiase 6.5m - (Cobra Clutch Legsweep, Dream Street)
Val Venis 1m - (Money Shot)
Vince McMahon 5m - (McMahon Stunner)
William Regal 6m - (Regal Stretch, Running Knee)


Big Show 8m - (Choke Slam, KO Punch)
Brie Bella 3.5m - (Facebuster)
Carlito 4.5m - (Back Stabber)
Curt Hawkins 2.5m - (Double Lifting DDT)
DH Smith 2m - (Running Powerslam)
Edge 10m - (Spear)
Eve 3m - (No Known Finisher)
Ezekiel Jackson 3m - (Torture Rack. Book End)
Festus 4.5m - (Fireman's Carry Flapjack)
Kung Fu Naki 3m - (Kung Fu Kick)
Gail Kim 4m - (Christo)
Gregory Helms 5m - (Shining Wizard, Modified Unprettier)
Jeff Hardy 10m - (Swanton Bomb)
Jesse 3.5m - (Diving Leg Drop)
Jimmy Wang Yang 3m - (Yang Time)
Kenny Dykstra 1m - (Diving Clothesline)
Kizarny 1m - (Double Arm DDT)
Maria 3m - (Running Bulldog)
Maryse 4m - (Snap DDT)
Matt Hardy 8m - (Twist Of Fate)
Michelle McCool 4m (Heel Hook, Wings Of Love, Styles Clash)
MVP 7m (Drive By Kick, Playmaker)
Mr Kennedy 7m - (Mic Check)
Nikki Bella 3.5m - (Facebuster)
Primo Colon 4.5m - (Figure Four Leglock)
R-Truth 5.5m - (Scissors Kick)
Ranjin Singh 2m - (No Known Finisher)
Ryan Braddick 1m - (Second City Slam)
Scotty Goldman 1m - (Chicago Crab)
Shelton Benjamin 6.5m - (Pay Dirt)
Super Crazy 1m - (Corkscrew Moonsault)
The Brian Kendrick 3.5m - (The Kendrick)
The Great Khali 5.5m - (Khali Chop, Vice Grip, Tree Slam)
Triple H 12.5m - (Pedigree)
Umaga 7m - (Samoan Spike)
Undertaker 9m - (Tombstone, Choke Slam, MMA Type Choke)
Vickie Guerrero 5m - (No Known Finisher)
Victoria 1m - (Widow's Peak)
Vladimir Kozlov 7m - (Choke Slam)
Zack Ryder 2.5m - (Double Lifting DDT)


Armando Estrada 1m - (Lifting Reverse Falling DDT)
Alicia Fox 3m - (Foxx Kick)
Bam Neely 1m - (Full Nelson Slam)
Boogeyman 1m - (Falling Choke Bomb, Pump Handle Slam)
Chavo Guerrero 4m - (Frog Splash)
Christian 8m - (Unprettier)
DJ Gabriel 4m - (Diving Corkscrew European Uppercut)
Elijah Burke 1m - (Elijah Express)
Evan Bourne 7.5m - (Air Bourne)
Finlay 5m - (Celtic Cross)
Gavin Spears 1m - (Running Death Valley Driver)
Hornswaggle 3m - (Tadpole Splash)
Jack Swagger 7m - (Doctor Bomb)
John Morrison 8.5m - (Moonlight Drive)
Lena Yada 1m - (No Known Finisher)
Mark Henry 7m - (Worlds Strongest Slam)
Natalya 3m - (Sharpshooter)
Paul Burchill 3m - (Curb Stomp)
Ricky Ortiz 4m - (Big O)
The Miz 7m - (Reality Check)
Theodore Long 5m - (No Known Finisher)
Tiffany 2.5m - (No Known Finisher)
Tommy Dreamer 4.5m - (DDT)
Tony Atlas 3m- (No Finisher Currently)
Tyson Kidd 5m - (Springboard Corkscrew Elbow Drop)


Season One Champion: Fazzle (2541 points)
Season Two Champion:

Previous History

TSM Fantasy Season One

Season One:

Month 1 Champion: The Franchise - 325 points
Month 2 Champion: Fazzle - 536 points
Month 3 Champion: Tekcop - 378 points
Month 4 Champion: Beast - 571 points
Month 5 Champion: I Mark Out To Wang Yang - 259 points
Month 6 Champion: Fazzle - 596 points

Season Two:

Month 1 Champion:
Month 2 Champion:
Month 3 Champion:
Month 4 Champion:
Month 5 Champion:
Month 6 Champion:
Month 7 Champion:

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When i've posted the wrestlers and their values, you can start making your teams up for Month 1. Teams need to be PM'd to me and you can also post your team in the thread if you wish.


This season, we'll be having team names too, so set yourself a team name!

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I'll bite the bullet and get my team in early. Giving you all Team Franchise:





Tommy Dreamer

Paul Burchill


Shelton Benjamin


William Regal


Totalling exactly $50m.

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Twisted's Team of Terror (TTT):


Melina - 4m - 4m

Mike Knox - 4m - 8m

Maryse - 4m - 12m

Michelle McCool - 4m - 16m

Chavo Guerrero - 4m - 20m

Ricky Ortiz - 4m - 24m

The Miz - 7m - 31m

Kofi Kingston - 5.5m - 36.5m

Santino Marella - 4.5m - 41m

Carlito - 4.5m - 45.5m

The Brian Kendrick - 3.5m - 49m

Super Crazy - 1m - 50m

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Cheers TI, thanks for the PM too. Just a reminder, you need to send me a PM telling me either your team or if you can't be bothered to type twice, just PM me telling me you've posted it in the thread.


Edit: Super Crazy? Nice.

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Team Excelsior


CM Punk (9m)

Santino Marella (4.5m)

Randy Orton (12m)

Vickie Guerrero (5m)

The Brian Kendrick (3.5m)

Evan Bourne (7.5m)

Tommy Dreamer (4.5m)

Mike Knox (4m)


Total: 50m

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Kenobi's Future Endeavors


Finlay 5m

Christian 8m

Triple H 12.5m

Vince McMahon 5m

Stephanie McMahon 5m

CM Punk 9m

Kelly Kelly 3.5m

DH Smith 2m


50 millllllion dollars mwahahaha

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Chuck Palumbo was released months ago.

True this is, which is why he's been set at $1m, since, well, since months ago.


Everybody who isn't with the company any more (Bam Neely, Scotty Goldman etc) are all at $1m for two reasons.


1. In case they come back, I can re-adjust their value then.

2. In case somebody fancies a gamble. You never know when a superstar could return, and an extra $1m leftover might be worth the punt.


As for Fazzle's spoilered question: When that person is back, I will put their value up, most likely at 4m.

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As Fazzle points out, you don't have to make your selections yet, but make sure, everybody, that you get your team in no later than the second WrestleMania starts.


The reason for being so strict is, watching WrestleMania could give you an advantage of knowing who to select for the following month, that's why we have the deadline for before the PPV starts.

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Ted Dibiase - 6.5

Chris Jericho - 10

The Brian Kendrick - 3.5

Kofi Kingston - 5.5

The Miz - 7

John Morrison - 8.5

Cody Rhodes - 6.5

DH Smith - 2


Should be 49.5

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Aww I thought you were going to call your team:


"The Beast Dan Sevren was robbed of being WWE Champion due to prejudice towards Freddie Mercury lookalikes" but Team Beast Team is just as good.

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Luke-o's Glorified Midcarders


Gail Kim

Ted DiBiase

Randy Orton



Tyson Kidd

Jack Swagger

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Brandon's Hot Young Wangs


1. John Cena 12M

2. Randy Orton 12M

3. Christian 8M

4. Shelton Benjamin 6.5M

5. Tyson Kidd 5M

6. Kofi Kingston 5.5M

7. Lena Yada 1M



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Team Chinese Triads


Chris Jericho 10m


Big Show 8m


Finlay 5m


Jack Swagger 7m


Shelton Benjamin 6.5m


Carlito 4.5m


CM Punk 9m


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Obi Chris has opted out of this season, he's chosen to take his business elsewhere, which is fine, I'll be staying here at TSM though, but if anybody else is going, before they leave can you please tell me if you won't be playing Season Two?

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