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With the changing weather in the midwest, there are some who might claim to not feel so good. It might be the weather, but it might also be the Fever again.


If you've been feeling a little cold recently, All-Star Championship Wrestling turns up the heat on April 14th at Baba Louie’s when they present Spring Fever 2009!


Every ACW title will be on the line, as well as the NWA: Wisconsin Heavyweight Title. Add to that action two other bouts between former friends now enemies, and a match between a rising star in ACW and a rookie who had quite the impressive debut with a win over former ACW Heavyweight Champion "Cadillac" Nick Colucci last month at March Mayhem (see what you miss when you're not there?)


So, let's get to the matchups!


ACW X-Division Title 6 way Scramble Match:


Chase McCoy vs Justin Dredd vs Douglas “Do-Right” Peterson vs Jerry Styles vs ? vs ?


Former ACW X-Division Champion Justin Dredd became the number one contender last month with a win over "Diamond Dave" Demone. He then shocked the NWA:WI Board of Directors as he requested not only he be in a match against Chase McCoy, but he wanted to provide an action-filled match for the ACW fans. He requested a match featuring 6 competitors, 1 fall to a finish, with the winner becoming the ACW X-Division Champion.


Chase McCoy was irate at this news and tried to do all he could to make this match not happen, but when it comes to pleasing the fans, whatever the match may be, the Board of Directors of ACW is is all for it. So this match will feature the current ACW X-Division Champion, Chase McCoy, taking on former ACW X-Division Champion, Justin Dredd; a man who has never had a shot at X-Division gold but who has told the Board of Directors he’s out to prove himself to the ACW fans, the tag team partner of Dredd, Jerry Styles; Douglas “Do-Right” Peterson, who proved to himself as well as Shane Hills that he deserves his spot in ACW by defeating the former ACW Heavyweight Champion; and the final two spots will be decided by the ACW fans. Who do you want to see in this match? check out nwawisconsin.com to cast your vote!



"Straight Edge" Eric Hammers & “Cookie Cutter” Chris Gambino vs “Diamond Dave" Demone & Don Gotti


A twenty year friendship, completely torn apart with one man’s actions in one night. Gotti has wanted a match with Chris Gambino since he hit his former partner in the head with a chair, sending him to the emergency room in one of the scariest moments in ACW’s 10-year-plus history at Winter Warfare, causing the Dream Police to lose their chance at ACW tag team gold. Gotti will be teaming with a guy who has already called himself a future ACW Hall of Famer. As Demone predicted his future in ACW, a certain current ACW Hall of Famer, Eric Hammers called Demone out on his words and these two will now get their hands on each other in this tag team match. Spring Fever will have the tag action, and the fans have waited since Winter Warfare to see Gotti/Cambino in any form.


“Cadillac” Nick Colucci vs Mickey McCoy


The former leader of the Franchise had fire in his eyes after what happened at March Mayhem last month. Not only losing to the debuting Steve Sadist, but then being jumped by his former stablemates yet again. He has promised to get revenge on the former Franchise members, whether he has to do it one at a time, or all at once. Mickey McCoy quickly responded to Colucci’s challenge and was surprisingly confident going into Spring Fever. Can the former ACW Heavyweight champion get the revenge on his former partner that he set out for Or will McCoy, one-half of the NWA:WI Tag Team Champions, be able to one-up his former leader? ACW's Spring Fever will tell the story.


Steve Sadist vs Kody Rice


The impressive debut of Steve Sadist has been the hot topic around ACW, actually, all of NWA:Wisconsin. He picked up the win over former ACW Heavyweight Champion, "Cadillac" Nick colucci last month, which is setting the bar high for his career. Kody Rice, who lost his tag title shot because of his partner’s actions at March Mayhem, will be in singles competition at Spring Fever. Rice wanted a challenge, so the ACW Board gave him what they thought would be a challenge after such an impressive debut. Also, will we find out what went on with Rice’s former partner Jason Reiley, when he left Kody to the wolves in their match against the Urban Assault Team at March Mayhem? There's only one way to find out, and that's by coming to Spring Fever and learning firsthand.


ACW Heavyweight Title:


Dinn T. Moore vs Dysfunction


Last month at March Mayhem, Dysfunction may have gotten screwed over again by ACW official Brett Youngman, but what matters in the end is that Dinn T. Moore retained his title as he came up on the winning end of the match, retaining the Championship, despite "Dys"' efforts to make history again. After the match Commissioner Sentowski made Dys an offer that he couldn't refuse, however, Dysfunction was quick to refuse it anyway. Surprisingly, despite the boast that Dysfunction would never again see another rematch, Commissioner Sentowski requested another rematch anway. Is the Commissioner trying to sway Dys’ decision on his offer, or does he have something else up his sleeve? Come to Spring Fever at Baba Louie's to see what Dys decides, or if he will make history again.


NWA:WI Heavyweight Title:


Mason Quinn vs Shane Hills


Mason Quinn retained his title last month at March Mayhem, but as soon as he returned to the locker room, he was challenged by Shane Hills. These two men have never faced off in singles competition in both of their long, impressive careers in ACW. Hills has never received a NWA:WI title shot, either. Will the multi-time ACW Heavyweight Champion be able to win gold once again? Or will Quinn get past yet another monster of a challenger? Spring Fever will hold the answer to whom will be wearing the gold at NWA Wisconsin's Spring showcase, Night of Champions!


ACW Tag Team Titles:


Hood Money (J-Ca$h & Thomas Walton III (TW3) vs Urban Assault Team (UAT)


After a huge victory over the NWA:WI Tag Team Champions, The McCoys (Chase & Mickey), can Hood Money bring home the ACW gold? UAT picked up a victory over Snakes on a Train, but was it because of Jason Reiley’s actions, or their great teamwork? UAT has proven themselves worthy of ACW gold, but it's common knowledge that winning a championship belt is easier than defending it. Who will be champions at the end of Spring Fever, going into NWA Wisconsin's Spring Showcase: Night of Champions?


Also Appearing: “Canadian Made” Brandon Haze and Tejas


Dont miss out on this huge night of action as ACW presents Spring Fever 2009 at Baba Louie’s, 419 Main Ave in De Pere.


Doors open at 7:30, the action starts at 8.


BUT, the NWA wrestling action for Spring doesn't stop there, nosiree, Bob! (So yer name ain't Bob, ya wanna make sumpthin' of it?? Yeah, we thought not!)


Just one short week after, NWA Wisconsin returns to Zileinski's Ballroom in Pulaski (where Season's Showcase featuring Marty Jannetty was held!) for Spring Showcase, the Night of Champions!


Every affiliate of NWA Wisconsin will be represented at the Night of Champions, and all the titles will be defended. This is an incredible lineup, and really displays the talent pool of NWA Midwest.


Due to the nature of the matches, many of the championships may change hands from now to then, which makes it difficult to announce a static line-up, but it is the intention of NWA Wisconsin owner Jason Jerry to have EVERY possible champion from NWA Midwest, All-Star Championship Wrestling, Dysfunction's Insane Championship Wrestling and Frank DeFalco's Brew City Wrestling on this momentous show.


Although ACW Spring Fever on the 11th may affect some of the matches due to title defenses, here is the tentative card:


-For the first time EVER, the Heavyweight Champions from ACW, ICW, and BCW will square off in a Triple Threat Match for a shot at the NWA Midwest Title on a future show! (current champions are Dinn T. Moore, Justin Dredd, & TC Washington, respectively)


-The NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Champions (currently The McCoys, Chase & Mickey) will face both the BCW Tag Team Champions (currently American History Next (Steve Stone and Hardcore Craig) and the ACW Tag Champions (currently Urban Assault Team, Mase Morgan & Jared Johnsonville) in a 3-way elimination style match.


-The NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight Champion (currently Mason Quinn) will take on a #1 contender to be determined on April 11 at ACW's Spring Fever.


-The NWA Midwest Champion (currently Silas Young) will face 1/2 of the NWA WORLD Tag Team Champions, "Skullcrusher" Rasche Brown. Talk about a BIG challenge for Young! Rasche is big and far more agile than one would expect from a man of his size.


-The NWA Midwest X Divison Champion (currently "Playboy Troy" Walters) to face a #1 contender of NWA Wisconsin's choosing.


-The BCW No Limits Champion Daryk St. Holmes will take on an opponent of ACW's choosing.


-The ACW X-Division Champion (currently Chase McCoy) will take on an opponent of ICW's choosing. If Chase McCoy possesses both the NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Championship and the ACW X-Divison Championship, he will be forced to wrestle twice.


-A 6-man match of ACW Legends featuring Adrian Lynch, Kevin Krueger, and Kujo vs. Sam Hayne, Horace the Psychopath, and their hand-picked partner, Arya Daivari (If that last name sounds familiar, it's cuz he's related to that other Daivari fella!)


Want to see your merchandise or your promotion in a comment? Drop us a line to ask how!


Don't forget to support your local independent wrestling and MMA!







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