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As an outsider to all of the idiocy that has been going on, I do have a question for you concerning your precious forum rules.


You closed the thread regarding PMs being deleted/altered by quoting the following rule that the PMs in question broke:


4. No spamming. Spammers may be automatically banned.


Ok, fine, whatever. I am not going to attempt to argue whether or not the PMs in question were spam or not. My issue is looking at the rule immediately following the one you quoted:


5. Do not register more than one account for general use. There is zero tolerance for stealing accounts.


Do you not see the irony here? Well, frankly, considering the fact that you appear to be a huge fucking douche nozzle with absolutely zero social skills, you probably don't. Let me spell it out to you:


You agreed to sell the board to the one individual who has broken that rule more than anyone has ever broken any rule, combined.


Do you see the problem with your posturing about people breaking the rules? You disregard them when it benefits you, which isn't surprising, considering your history. Do you not understand why the people in this thread (and others) are annoyed with you?


Look, I don't know you, have never spoken to you, and honestly never knew you existed until Leeter's drama/reveal post. I don't give two shits for any of the mods/admins, having barely interacted with them. I don't really care about the whole situation, pretty much; I just found a lot of your recent actions pretty reprehensible. I am now going to say something I never dreamt of saying (or typing) to another human being...


I knew Sean Shannon, and you, sir, are no Sean Shannon.


Good day.

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