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Fun with Retards

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This is probably in poor taste but whatever, get over it if it offends you.


So I was at a guys house Saturday night (Not sure if I'd call him a friend) which we do every year for this guys birthday. He grew up with us but currently lives rather far out so once a year we gather. Well this guy is a total clown. He was adopted but was a total ass to his rather awesome parents. Lots of drugs and wannabe gang stuff. Well he had a kid and during the preggo time the two of them spent all their money on weed, hotels, liquor and fast food. I heard when asked if he was getting ready for the kid he replied " Yeah, he's got clothes". So the kid ends up a water baby. He is 5 or so now and its just weird because he is like a 3 year old, he is really slow and really doesn't talk well even for a 5 year old.


Well anyways sunday morning a few of us are sitting on a couch just talking. I'm on a couch with a friend next to me and directly across from us on another couch is 2 other friends. So the kid walks in and smells friend "A"'s should, he then moves to me and smells my forearm and then friend "B" is sitting crossed legged and the kid smells the bottom of his shoes and then simply says " These are good smells" and walks away. Not 5 mins later he comes back and in the exact same order he kisses the shoulder, forearm and shoe but just walks away this time.Then not too long later friend "C" on the other couch let the kid on his lap and the kid leans in to kiss him. We were kind of high so I literally could not breath laughing so hard. But its not over. Maybe 10 mins later friend "A" is standing and the kid walks up and kisses his crotch. I felt so bad laughing but I couldn't help it.

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