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Chikara Information Required

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I've been collecting the ROH dvd releases but I've heard a lot about Chikara, though strangely that went quietwhen the trios tournament ACTUALLY happened.


Could some one give me a quick guide to what is worth buying, what you need to GET to understand the company and basically as the topic describes, an idiots guide.


Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the link


Now about the Promotion itself, am I too late? is it better to go back to previous years or is the most recent DVD releases the best option to start??


I'm toying with buying a few dvds and I see theres a best of 2008 option available, is it a promotion that lends itself to best ofs or is it necessary to get the whole show....


I'd like some help with the promotions aesthetic, is it all comedy, or is it WWE wrestling comedy i.e. unfunny

if you had to describe the promotion using WWE ROH or TNA examples (the companies I'm most familiar with) what would you use?


I'm Guessing lots of Delirious in a high school, which could be sort of enjoyable but would get old quickly if it wasn't associated with some actually great wrestling;

but I'd like someone knowledgeable to give me a heads up before I buy the Trios tournament and the best of 2008

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to be honest, most the shows are in Elks Lodges and of the like. no high schools, lol.


it's funny, in a legitimate way. not stupid and cheesy like WWE. the wrestling is also top-notch, a show will usually have lots of high-flying, lots of wacky lucha-inspired submissions, more traditional wrestling, some straight up striking... it depends on who is on the show.


i can't really compare it to any other promotion. WWE and TNA are all rigorously scripted and rarely turn out funny. ROH is known for being serious business. Chikara combines colourful characters, damn good wrestling, comedy that doesn't insult one's intelligence... a good time, family-friendly, fun stuff.


the promotion has really grown over the years. seeing some of the older stuff will help one understand their beginnings... but they've really been stepping up their game as of late, filling in that spot where CZW and IWA-MS have been lacking (that spot being the indy level under ROH).


their best of dvd's is a great way to start. also they have a weekly podcast (also available on youtube). individual matches stand alone well, whole shows may have a slow moment or two but are overall very watchable.



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