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Masked Heel

Impact 4/30

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TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV tonight at 9/8c for two hours of Total Nonstop Action as the road to the "Sacrifice" Pay-Per-View continues. Here is a preview of what will take place on the broadcast:


- With the Sacrifice main event in place, what does Kurt Angle have planned? The Godfather of The Main Event Mafia is out for revenge, and no one in TNA is safe. The question in, what will Angle attempt this Thursday as he begins his quest to attempt to reclaim the World Title? Tune in and find out!


- What's next for Bobby Lashley in TNA...and is there some kind of connection with Angle and The Main Event Mafia? How does he fit into the power struggle between The Main Event Mafia and TNA Frontline? Tune into "iMPACT!" on Thursday for more news on Lashley's arrival in Total Nonstop Action - and what his plans might be!


- What will happen when TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley cross paths on Thursday night? Foley smashed Jarrett with a steel chair this past week, leading to some major threats by the TNA Founder concerning the Executive Shareholder! Is it the start of a war between Jarrett and Foley?


- In a huge main event tag team bout, it will be The Main Event Mafia vs. TNA Frontline as "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash and Booker T battle TNA Legends Champion "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles and Samoa Joe!


- Also on Thursday, the Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament continues with more bouts!


- There will be a Knockouts Stretcher Match as Awesome Kong faces Madison Rayne of The Beautiful People


All this and much more on Thursday night on "iMPACT!" on SpikeTV at 9/8c as the road to the May "Sacrifice" Pay-Per-View continues!


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I expect Samoa Joe to continue to be a loose cannon possibly cost his team the main event although I hope not as it would continue to make the Frontline look weak and I also fully expect for Kong to kill a bitch dead

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Oh Brody if you wern't on the Brute Squad I'd give you a piece of my mind for sure


Good show tho I'm loving Foley his character is great right now. The Guns also got a chance to shine a little bit which is good considering they are pretty good talkers themselves. Still too much backstage checking up on what MEM are doing but overall I think these past few weeks have been pretty strong

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I'm finally getting to watching the show right now, and I'm up to the Morgan segment, and for the most part, this has been solid stuff. Yeah, they did a 180 with Brutus Magnus, dumped the damn Gladiator gimmick and teamed him with Williams, makes sense. Still not sold on the third guy of that team though, does anyone know much about him? Reminds me of that A1 guy from Team Canada in a way, just little talent to the guy. But if the company is so high on Magnus, maybe we'll finally see it here. Williams back in the company will be a plus, as will be bringing Red back, who dressed and looked like they did really have a plan to team him with London since it seems like he dressed in a similar attire to London. One thing about the whole Red thing though, AGAIN, Tenay just undersells the shit out of these re-debuts or people returning. When he came out to the stage, he is clearly being figured to be reading from a script word for word with no enthusiasm. As for Red in the ring though, he still can work hard and those tag tournament matches were both pretty good for Impact tag standards.


Angle as the overimposed "Godfather" bit gets a little ridiculous at times too, but I'm almost expecting him to be the fallguy in the world title match as Foley going to MEM and taking over his spot could work since they are going heel with Foley anyway. Speaking of Angle, what was the deal with him in the MEM backstage segment with the women yelling at each other. What was he implying with Jenna when he flashed the money sign behind her back? I was thinking he was implying that she was paying them to give her "starpower" or something? Or was it that he was basically calling her a whore? Or maybe neither, who knows. She is definately one person in the company I could do without, same with Lauren the interviewer who would be a perfect fit for an upcoming Troma movie role with that horrible acting she does.


It's clear that what they are doing with Joe now is going to be much like Taz's gimmick in ECW, and that means they gotta be bringing Taz in to salvage this whole Nation of Violence thing they are doing with Joe. Possibly by the end of this story playing out, by using Taz as a manager to him or some sort of influence, "he" will bring back the old Joe a little bit. I still do want to see a Joe/Nash blowoff match, by the way.


The potential of Daffney and Abyss going heel with Richards in leading a group might work. Wow, there are getting to be a lot of three or four person stables in this company, has anyone noticed that? Russo influence for sure, which seems to be an ok thing at this point with some of the pairings they are doing to get certain guys over more.

Oh and going back to Morgan's promo, I'm thinking he will eventually go to the Mafia and I could see them putting him in there against Lashley in one of his first matches for TNA (who I think they will keep as a face for now to feud with Angle also).


One thing that I have noticed Impact does now which makes the shows seem more different and better than they used to be is that after every main event match (or sometimes in ring segment) ending, they still do one more "follow-up" segment after it. It makes some things more significant when they comment on them and add to it after what is normally the end of a typical wrestling show. I remember when WWE actually did this with some of their In Your House ppvs and I liked it.


I swear that in the spoilers, didn't Styles and Joe brawl or something? If so, wondering why they cut this out of the show.


So was that last segment the deal that Foley was raving about? So who was Foley talking to anyway, I'm guessing Lashley.....so we are to assume Lashley is still possibly with the Mafia then since Tenay openly said that Foley had to be talking to Lashley as well. Then, by pro wrestling standards, it should be someone else instead. Right? I suppose it could have been Goldberg too, if that was the idea. But he never really headlined Mania, even though TNA tends to be loose with those things, meaning Lesnar/Goldberg could be headlining Mania.


Nice little swerve there with Sting showing up too. Seems like they have to be doing Jarrett/Foley/Angle/Sting at Sacrifice for sure.


Overall, there was alot of stuff happening on this show, but it seems more self contained than usual and the question mark of who was Foley talking to makes me interested in next week more than usual, to see how they follow up on that. Considering I didn't even recall that the last segment of the show was in the spoilers at all, that was a strong ending, partly because I didn't even know about it.


EDIT - I just realized what the point of the last segment was, seemed to be to that the sock was who Foley was actually talking to, kind of bringing out the Mankind persona of Foleys much like he did as Cactus Jack to lead to his match with Sting at Lockdown. So it wasn't that he was even talking to anyone.

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