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Friday Night SmackDown! Spoilers - 5/8/09

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Posted by Chris Kaufman on 05/05/2009 at 09:12 PM


Report by WrestlingNewsWorld.com


SmackDown: (Airing Friday)

* SmackDown starts with Teddy Long introducing Rey Mysterio. He talks about being home on SmackDown. He calls Jeff Hardy the better man and invites anyone to challenge him for the Intercontinental Championship. Chris Jericho comes out. He calls himself the face of SmackDown and boasts about his accomplishments. He calls the fans and wrestlers disrespectful. Jericho goes on to say that Teddy Long is a "fly by night" General Manager. He demands a title match against Mysterio. Rey tells him to shut up and pushes Jericho to the ground. Rey exits the ring. Jeff Hardy enters and says Jericho has to beat him to get a title match. If Chris Jericho wins it will be a Triple Threat Match at Judgment Day. Teddy says it's official and Jericho leaves.


* Mike Knox b. R-Truth

- Slow paced match with Knox connecting with fists. Truth hits a drop kick but Knox hits a spinebuster. Knox then connects the sleeper on Truth. Truth breaks free and hits a scissors kick on Knox. Flying drop kick for the two-count. Knox connects a kick to the face of R-Truth, hits his finisher, and wins via pinfall.


* Michelle McCool w/Alicia Fox b. Gail Kim

- McCool taunts Kim by doing push ups. McCool gains control early on but Kim hits a swinging neck breaker off the top rope. She gets a two-count. McCool catches Kim and hits a body face plant finisher on her followed by a pinfall.


* Josh Matthews conducts a backstage interview with Jeff Hardy. He asks Hardy about his match with Chris Jericho. Jeff calls Jericho a distraction and says everyone will see him win the title.


* Edge is shown in Teddy Long's office. He complains about the triple threat situation. Long announces Edge vs. CM Punk for the title tonight.


* John Morrison b. Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin!!

- Haas controls early on with his technical mat work. Morrison counters and hits a spring board drop kick off the ropes. Back drop from Morrison on Charlie. Haas hits a couple moves followed by a back breaker. Morrison gains momentum and hits Haas with an elbow to the face followed by a inside out drop kick. Morrison then hits a spinning move off the ropes and pins Haas for the win.


* CM Punk vs. Edge is up next.

- Edge and Punk go back and forth. Punk sends Edge to the outside and hits a diving body. They get back in the ring and Edge hits Punk with a boot. Edge reverses Punk and locks in an arm bar in the middle of the ring. Punk gets lose with knees to the head. Both go for a body dive but collide into each other. Punk comes too and gets a two-count on Edge. He then goes to the top rope and connects with a drop kick. Electric chair attempt by Edge but reversed and hit CM Punk with knees to the face. Edge gets thrown outside and walks away. CM Punk gets the win via countout.


After the match Umaga comes out of the crowd and hits Punk with a kick. Samoan Spike on Punk. Edge watches and leaves.


* Cryme Tyme hosts an arm wrestling match between Eve & Layla. Layla stops due to a hurt elbow. They go again and Eve wins. Layla attacks Eve.


* Dolph Ziggler, Jimmy Wang Yang, and Jesse are shown backstage. Dolph says he has something to say next... Dolph offers an open challenge. He says he'll rip through the SmackDown roster. The Great Khali accepts the challenge.


* The Great Khali b. Dolph Ziggler

- Khali clothes lines Dolph and follows up with a slap to the chest. Dolph hits him with a chair repeatedly until he knocks him down. The Great Khali gets the win via disqualification.


* CM Punk vs. Umaga is announced for Judgment Day.


* Jeff Hardy b. Chris Jericho

- Fast paced match. Jericho counters Hardy and throws him from the steps into the barricade. Hardy attempts Whisper in the Wind. Mysterio comes out. Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy continue to exchange blows. Chris connects with Walls of Jericho but Hardy counters. He hits a front suplex but misses the Swanton Bomb. Chris Jericho connects with a Lions Sault and gets a two-count. Jericho misses a kick and Hardy reverses and gets him in Walls of Jericho. Two roll ups but both unsuccessful. Both Jericho and Hard get knocked to the outside. Jericho throws Hardy into Edge's lap whose on commentary. Jericho gets a close two-count. Edge distracts Jericho and Hardy rolls him up for a two-count. Hardy finally hits Twist of Fate followed but a Swanton Bomb for the win.


After the match Rey Mysterio hits Chris Jericho off the top rope and cheers with the crowd. This ends this week's SmackDown.

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On WWE Superstars this week,

John Morrison loses to Chris Jericho, with a distraction from Benjamin


Why did you spoiler tag that? Do you honestly believe someone viewing the Smackdown spoilers doesn't want to view Superstars spoilers?

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What if they didn't? Enigma, people around here will fuckin' bitch about the slightest little thing. I'm not talking about you, by the way. Just your 'theone' and 'goldengreek' types who will create an argument out of nothing.

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