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  1. Thanks for the Fish

    WWE General Discussion - June 2009

    This site is dead with less than a handful of folks even bothering to post here anymore. Peace out.
  2. Thanks for the Fish

    Chris Masters re-signed by wwe

    I'm betting he'll be the tag partner for The Brian Kendrick. I also bet the wellness strikes don't carry over as it's been a year and a half away from the company.
  3. Thanks for the Fish

    OAO Raw Thread 6/1

    Maybe he missed by so much because Flair will heel at the PPV and join Legacy or something. Then again I thought Shane's ridiculously missed punches was setting up the angle where it would come out that he pulled them when he joined Legacy. Flair is depressing to watch. Too bad he pissed away all of his money and needs to work. Cruiserweights can't get an honest push, but wrestlers have to bump their ass off for a 60-yr old man.
  4. Thanks for the Fish

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    What I hate is that Kennedy just disappears from wwe programming without a mention. I mean he has his big return last week and is gone without mention or angle. Why not put some heat on another wrestler by at least mentioning "there was a backstage altercation between Ken Kennedy and Wrestler X, and Kennedy punked out and quit" or "Ken Kennedy was arrested for kiddie porn charges". The wwe owns the rights to the Ken Kennedy trademark and character so they could write him off however they wanted.
  5. Thanks for the Fish

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    Also the wwe probably was unsure about his wrist and thought damn "He's injured again", and when he turned out to just have banged it up the took the opportunity to release him before he got hurt again, or hurt somebody. I can't see Kennedy working indies, because he's so damn injury prone and should he get hurt in the indies, he'll starve while out. I think it will be TNA or maybe he'll try to get into movies.
  6. Thanks for the Fish

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    He was too damn fragile. I still think the storyline making him a McMahon would have been the best way to go with that storyline. However Vince soured on him and he never got any depth to his character. Not to mention his constant pimping of his shitty straight to DVD movie made fans resent the hell out of him. He got over because of the Greenbay Plunge finisher, and when he stopped using it fans stopped caring.
  7. Thanks for the Fish

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    I'm out - this shit is embarrassing.
  8. Thanks for the Fish

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    Maryse from Montreal Ontario Canada, eh Lilian?
  9. Thanks for the Fish

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    That was lame as hell. Enos? Who cares. Fell flat with the crowd as well - Vince loves his bathroom humor though.
  10. Thanks for the Fish

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    Yeah, that guy is so Savio Vega. OaO = One and Only
  11. Thanks for the Fish

    UFC 98

    Shad has a helluva chin, he kept coming back for more and Machida kept pounding him. Shad was in survival scramble mode, but he ate shots that would have felled lesser men. I still believe Shad's best weight will be 185er - not saying he'd have any success with Silva, but I think it's his natural fight weight. I know it's tough to say when he was champion at 205er. How much does he cut to get to 205?
  12. Thanks for the Fish

    UFC 98

    Hughes deserved to win because the inadvertent head clash in the first left Hughes stunned and Serra capitalized on it to win the round. I also don't like BJJ blackbelt Serra tying up Hughes in order to get the fight back on the feet - sweep and get up your damn self or try to win off your back. Holding on to stand up basically is waving the white flag saying you had nothing on the ground. Whatever fights I pick - just pick the opposite and bet heavy on it. Miller was dominated for three rounds, Sherk looked like shit and Professor X was bumrushed and KTFO, and I picked them all to win. Evans game plan sucked. I hate seeing wrestlers pretending to be strikers.
  13. Thanks for the Fish

    UFC 98

    So much for my easy money bet on Sherk. He looked terrible. He's finished.
  14. Thanks for the Fish

    UFC 98

    Sherk is an easy money bet against Edgar. He'll just be too big for him. Edgar should be fighting in the WEC at 145er. I think Lyoto is going to pick apart Evans, but you never know what game plan Jackson has mapped out. I hope it goes into the championship rounds. If Machida wins, I'd like to see Jackson vs Evans for the #1 contenders spot, though I suspect we'd see Jackson vs Machida straight away, with Evans fighting another top 2o5er for the #1 contenders spot. I don't like Hughes or Serra so I hope it's long so they get to beat each other up and I hope it's either a double knockout or a split decision so neither get the closure they're looking for. Yes I'm a bitter prick. Professor X and Miller would be my other to picks. Why is Kaplan and Roop even getting a fight in the prelims? Is Nover at a new camp yet? He'll never be anything until he leaves for one of the bigger camps.
  15. Thanks for the Fish

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    HBK needs to do something with his hair. He should cut it short in the very least. He's going to look like Hogan pretty soon. I wonder if his balding will cause him to retire more than anything else - can the HBK character have short/no hair.