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Masked Heel

TNA Impact 5-14-09

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Who is in charge in TNA Wrestling: TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett, or Executive Shareholder and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley? In recent weeks, the two superstars have been involved in an ongoing power struggle. TNAwrestling.com has learned that Foley plans to open Thursday's broadcast with some words regarding the volatile situation, as well as a major announcement concerning TNA Founder, Jeff Jarrett! What does Foley have planned? Who truly calls the shots in TNA? Tune in and find out!


- Will we find out the true identity of TNA X Division Champion Suicide? This past week, The Motor City Machineguns and Lethal Consequences confronted Daniels on the rumor he is under the mask as Suicide. The Machienguns are demanding Suicide's true identity be revealed on Thursday night on SpikeTV, and according to Sabin and Shelley, they'll pull the mask off themselves if they have to! Who is under the disguise? Is it really Daniels? Don't miss it on Thursday's "iMPACT!" on SpikeTV!


Also on Thursday's broadcast:


- Speaking of Suicide, he will team up with Amazing Red on Thursday to take on The British Invasion in the semifinals of the Team 3D Tag Team Tournament for a shot at the TNA World Tag Team gold!


- We'll hear from "The Icon" Sting, who has vowed to retire if he gets pinned in the main event at Sacrifice!


- Will we find out more about Samoa Joe and the mysterious person he has been talking to?


- Kevin Nash and Booker T of the Main Event Mafia will both be in singles action on the broadcast


- Who is TNA Women's Champion Angelina Love getting as backup in her war against Awesome Kong? With Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne injured, who will Angelina turn to for help?


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Thrilling discussion here, guys.


I just finished watching Impact not too long ago. Some thoughts:


It was obvious that Cute Kip was who Angelina was on the phone with last week... but WHY? Last I heard, TNA was done using him on TV. He's always been horrible, and this gimmick is his worst yet. And whatever happened to no man on woman violence? At least Kip got squashed.


I liked the Jarrett segments for the most part, but it was kind of weird/creepy how he forced a Foley jab into casual conversations with his pre-teen daughters. Also, when they were driving around, the girls were not wearing seat belts. Bad parenting.


Taylor Wilde is an attractive young lady and a decent wrestler, but she's been booked horribly since the day she arrived. She was pushed too hard too quickly to begin with. Then there was the terrible "ghetto party slut" team with Roxxi and that Governor bullshit. Now she's been portrayed as so desperate that she'll cream herself over a secret admirer. Also, Lauren threatening to cut Daffney was just terrible.


I know Russo loves shades of grey, and I don't mind some ambiguity in the characters. But this is just too much. Joe's acting like a heel while he's with the face group; Sting's a face who's aligned with the top heel faction; and Foley seemingly switches between heel and face multiple times per show.


The Front Line: Dead or alive? No wrestlers have mentioned the group lately. They certainly haven't appeared together. No more logo shirts, either. Yet Don West mentions the faction at least a couple times per show.


The Sharmell/Jenna stuff is completely worthless and could have no desirable payoff short of them dykin' it up buck naked in the middle of the ring.


Nash vs. Joe is meaningless at this point. They've waited way too long to have the match in the first place. Add to that the fact that Joe's been booked horribly since the beginning of 2009, and he and Nash have had little to no interaction. Joe needs to just beat the living fuck out of Nash and end it.


It's not too big of a deal, but why throw Jethro Holliday to the wolves in an extended squash in his first ever singles match with the company? He looked like a total jobber, Impact logo create-a-wrestler tron video and all.


Don West comparing the Jarrett videos to waterboarding was pretty funny.


TNA can be so damn stupid sometimes, but despite all that, I enjoyed the show for the most part.

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My 2 cents


Interesting show with Kurt not being there nice to know TNA can run without 10 Kurt Angle check up segments


Why do they call Chris Daniels just Daniels now? There are some people where one name can work AJ, Nash, Edge, but Daniels is not one of them


Speaking of the whole shades of grey thing, why is Lethal Consequences so into knowing who Suicide is anyways? The Guns are because they are dicks who think it should be all about them but Lethal Consequences joining them in their fight seems a little out of character for them


Also why are Sharmell and Jena even fighting did one of them do something that I am not aware of or should we assume its just because girls all hate each other?


The Taylor Wilde stuff is a guilty pleasure for me in a so bad its funny way. Daffney going crazy screaming Where were you when they cut my hair and Lauren threatening to cut her with a broken glass sure had me laughing.


Holliday should have had a better first match than that but it lets you know how the company views him or maybe they are just making him pay dues who knows


Joe is booked confusing but if he beats Nash and his suprise mystery guy he's been talking to makes a big impact he might come out looking ok. If Nash beats him though I think I've lost all intrest in Joe in TNA


I like Don West could have done without the Jarrett videos but Foley sure had the crowd eating out of his hand


Maybe Eric Young should put his career in TNA up to get into the title match at Sacrafice, I know he won't but the way he's been going around looking for an oppurtunity seems almost like the next logical step

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