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The Mist of Kwang

A late RIP

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Rest In peace, Owen.


I will always think he represents everything good about the business, from his being a family man to his hilarious ribs. He was undoubtedly one of the best if not the best technical wrestler that I have ever seen, his matches were extraordinary. I miss his style, his grace, athleticism, accuracy, his promos, everything about him. It is sad the way he had to die, and sad that he died prematurely. He would surely still be wrestling to this day were he alive and had many great years ahead of him. I will always miss him, and I remember the day I heard he had died, a piece of my heart died too, just as a fan, I never knew him, but I still miss him a decade later just as badly when I think of him. RIP my friend. Thanks for the years of entertainment.

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