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Masked Heel

WWE Superstars 6/25/09

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United States Champion Kofi Kingston will do his best to retain his gold when he faces Montel Vontavious Porter and Matt Hardy in a Triple Threat Match on "WWE Superstars," tonight at 8/5 PT on WGN America.


Evan Bourne looks to fight through his sore ribs and injuries sustained at the hands of Mark Henry when he goes up against Jack Swagger on "WWE Superstars


Slowing down Dolph Ziggler seems like a virtually impossible feat, but Jimmy Wang Yang will be tasked with it on "WWE Superstars."


So there is your preview, no womens matches this week and 3 potientially real good matches I know I'll be watching.

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Bourne I think you mean is pretty small but he has potiential to be the new Rey Mysterio he can still work very believable matches despite his size. Some may say even more so than Rey at this point.

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