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Masked Heel

TNA Impact 7/23/09

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Witness the aftermath of the "Victory Road" Pay-Per-View on Thursday! The below is a preview of what will take place:


- The broadcast will feature the TNA Wrestling "iMPACT!" debut of the newest addition to the roster - TAZ! Thursday's "iMPACT!" will kick off with Taz and Samoa Joe speaking out to the wrestling world. What will Taz have to say about what went down at Victory Road? What does the potential alliance of Taz, Joe and the Main Event Mafia mean for TNA Wrestling? Tune in and find out!


- Speaking of the Main Event Mafia, still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle will address his win at Victory Road over Mick Foley, as well as the total dominance of The Main Event Mafia as they now hold the World, Tag Team and Legends championships.


- In fact, the Main Event Mafia have informed TNA Officials that new TNA World Tag Team Champions Scott Steiner and Booker T, as well as Legends Champion Kevin Nash, will all defend their titles on "iMPACT!". Who will take on the Mafia members with the gold on the line? Find out Thursday night.


- In addition, "iMPACT!" will feature news on the recent signing of Bobby Lashley, who is coming to TNA Wrestling! How will the face of TNA change when Lashley arrives?














So Mob rule tonight who will rise up from TNA to challenge Kurt? AJ? Jarrett? Morgan?

I sure hope Beer Money gets the belts back somewhere down the line they deserve a long strong run with the belts

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Good show I enjoyed it.


Homicide and Joe could have been a lot better but it was ok

Overall felt like a MEM show as their dominance was the main story of Impact. I would have much rather seen Hernandez or Abyss be the 5th partner instead of Young. The Frontline just keeps looking weaker and weaker.

So is Lashley going to wrestle every other week or so or just be in more of a rare big match guy? Also, if he is the savior of TNA why?, assuming his mma career gets going which it seems like it is I doubt he will be sticking around to do pro wrestling for TNA for that long. They seem to be rolling the dice big time to try to get some intrest in TNA to make them a bigger name brand so to say

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