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Posters I hate the most

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1. Marvinisalunatic


Fat ugly slob fuck who will never ever get laid. Idiot thought in 2006 that he contracted aids in 1986.


2. AlKeiper


Nerdy ugly fuck who thinks that he is/was and always will be the know it alll of Baseball


3. Bob Barron


Ugly Nerdy Jew who wastes his whole entire life beating off to Norm McDonald and watching SNL. I am suprised they let the ugly Jew stand on line outside NBC Studios


4. Zach Malibu


Ugly fuck actually thought he was preppy and looked like Zach Morris. He is too busy beating off to a fat Kelly Clarkson to come on here.



5. Ripper


Midget Black Kid thought he was hardcore because he was one of the 3 black people on here and he was from Atlanta.


6. Czech


Cubs fans just suck period


7. Ravishing Rick Rudo


Know it all ugly fuck.


8. Carnival


Ugly white trash from Nebraska


9. Obi Chris Kenobi


What fucking douche would put in a Star Wars name into his own. Get the fuck out of here you fucking cry baby.


10. Midget Matt


Douche! End of story.


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Midget Matt? More like Average Height Pale White Guy, LOL M I RITE?


It is slightly amusing how you've always talked shit about me since you first registered, especially when you said it "made you sick" that I returned my PS3. You've got some issues. I think you need some counseling to help your ass from bouncin' off the walls when you get down some.

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Matt Young to YKRG;


COME AT MATT YOUNG, YOU BEST NOT MISS. MATT YOUNG: THE REALEST NIGGA ON TOTSM (...by default since I don't think there are any more black people posting here and me, Brody, and The UK contingent are even whiter than he)

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