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SYN: Eat like the Superstars

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[color="#0000FF"][b]The OAOAST Quote of the Week[/b][/color]

[quote=Maya Duncan-Blanchard, OAOAST HeldDOWN~!, November 20, 2009]Jade, its pro wrestling, there are only three guarantees; it’ll be homoerotic, it will unfailingly promote ethnic stereotypes, and it will lie to and possibly destroy its own fanbase. Morgan she's all your's. Have a blast![/quote]

A new feature to the show aired titled "Eat like the Superstars," where OAOAST talent share their favorite receipes. This week it was how to cook a delicious turkey dinner with Mr. Dick and Malaysia. "Now, the first thing you gotta do is buy a turkey. Unlike pleasing a woman, size doesn't matter so any bird will do. Next you wanna get your turkey injector and marinate that sumbitch with special flavor." With that Mr. Dick dropped trou and reimagined the famous pie scene from American Pie. 

"Hey, you can't do that. You're gonna get us thrown off the air!" a producer shouted. 

The show's logo appeared on-screen as the director immediately cut away, though audio of Mr. Dick pounding the turkey could still be heard. "MMM-MMM, UNH! Once finished pop that bird in the oven, set it to about 325° and in a few hours you'll have one delicious turkey."

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