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King Cucaracha

SYN: KOTR matches

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[b]2010 King Of The Ring Qualifying Match
***CPA -VS- Shayne Brave w/Maya Blanchard-Duncan***[/b]
A big disparity in size and strength faced "Showtime" Shayne in this one. That didn't dampen Shayne's enthusiasm and he took the fight to CPA, fast and furious from the opening bell. CPA was given the run around for a little while and almost caught out with a couple of pinning cradles. All it took was one, hard bodypunch to cut off Shayne though. From that point on CPA dominated. Slowly picking Shayne apart, CPA took his sweet time. And Shayne's only resistance was escaping a Dominator, only to miss with a twisting bodypress attempt off the top, leaving himself prone for the match-winning Gigaton Punch.

[b]Winner[/b]: CPA, via pinfall

[b]2010 King Of The Ring Qualifying Match
***Detective Bosley -VS- Baron Windels w/Melody Nerdly***[/b]
Both these men had tag team partners in the tournament already, but only one could join them. The opening exchanges saw the two powerhouses testing each other's mettle. A battle of shoulder tackles ended up even. And a test of strength was broken by Bosley, determined not to be out-MANed by anyone. The two agile bigmen went toe to toe for most of the match, both impressing. Bosley's springboard back elbow matches by Baron's flying lariat from the top in terms of impressive feats of agility. In the end, Bosley struggled to keep his Texan opponent on the defensive for any significant amount of time and eventually Baron started to get the motors going. A big Bulldog set Bosley up for the big Texas Lariat, but Bosley surprised Windels with a flying roundhouse and almost stole the victory. Not trying his luck with his brainbuster, Bosley instead tried to finish Baron off with the Justifiable Homicide (Unprettier). Baron shoved Bosley off and NAILED him with the big diving lariat though. After a series of reversals and a missed roundhouse from the crack Detective, Baron then scored with the Brigham Young Cocktail and advanced on to the King Of The Ring field of eight!

[b]Winner[/b]: Baron Windels, via pinfall

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