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HD: Abdullah Nerdly promo

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We swoop over to OAOAST Original Tony Brannigan atop the world famous interview stage. 

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the promoter of the only rock ‘n’ wrestling band that matters… COLONEL ABDULLAH NERDLY!


The Colonel happily makes his way out to a chorus of boos. 

Please welcome? Doesn’t Brannigan know we’re in St. Louis? A man like the Colonel isn’t welcomed here or pretty much anywhere in North America. Bunch of bigots! 

Oh please, like that young man’s attitude has nothing to do with it. It’s no wonder he jumped on the Heavenly Rockers tour bus. They were made for each other. 

The Colonel kisses Brannigan on both cheeks, much to his surprise. 

Sorry to inform you, Colonel… Valentine Day’s passed. But let’s get to the reason why you are here. It’s all because of what occurred on this very program 2 weeks ago. 

[b][color=red]OAOAST FLASH!BACK[/b][/color]

[quote=OAOAST HeldDOWN~!, February 19, 2010]Krista chases Abdullah around and eventually into the ring, only to have Synth jump her from behind. Synth holds Krista up as Abdullah pulls something out of his pants.

Contain your excitement, Cole.

The match still ongoing Benjamin tries to sneak up on Synth, but Alix tackles the Synthmeister to the ground and Benjamin gets hit by a FIREBALL intended for Krista!



Logan gives Moss a LOW BLOW outside and then shoves him into the RINGPOST. Logan jumps back in and attacks Krista while Holly goes after Alix. Meanwhile, OAOAST officials rush to Benjamin’s aid.[/quote]


Abdullah Nerdly, you’ve gotta be one sick individual to find any humor in that. A man was nearly disfigured for life! 

I laugh not at the pain of suffering of one man, but the notion it was intentional. That fireball was meant for Krista Isadora Duncan, as the video clearly proves. Quentin Benjamin was at [b]the wrong place at the wrong time[/b]. 

Abdullah is suddenly spun around and floored by CHARLIE MOSS! 


Funny, so were you. 

Moss exits back through the crowd. 

Charlie Moss of Team Heyross with a little payback for what happened to Quentin Benjamin.

That's 10 times worse than what the Colonel did, Cole. Unlike the Colonel, Moss did this on purpose.

Abdullah's lucky he only took a punch to the jaw. The action continues in just a moment.

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