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APW-LA results: tons of former XPW workers

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CREDIT: Wrestlinfan4eva


A show that featured the SoCal debuts of Matt Stryker, who is IMO one of the best technical wrestlers in the US today, and IWA-MS Heavyweight champion Danny Daniels, who is one of the best mat workers, was one I couldn't miss. APW-LA put on a good show (not like the last one) with an emotional retirement from a "Gigolo" and a hot main event that was simply awesome and is for sure a Match of the Month contender. A few minor roadblocks were thrown at me, but I conquered them.


I arrived at the building 7 minutes after 8, thinking a match had just finished, to see Steve Pain and Infernal in the ring with Lil' CHolo just entering. Cholo said some things to the 2 about not having matches tonight, so he decided for the 3 to have a match.


This was a real good opener. Beginning was fast paced with the 3 trying to land their moves on each other. Then, of course, your triple team moves were involved. Dives to the outside, followed by pin attempts and more sweet moves. Ending came when Infernal was thrown the outside, Cholo then nailed Pain with a one of his finishers that I can't really describe.


WTF? All of a sudden some familiar music hit that I haven't heard in a long time, Pogo The Clown came out and of course destroyed the 2 (Cholo left before he could be attacked). once again, WTF?


Vennis DeMarco (AKA Vennis The Mennis) wnet up against Billy Blade. Blade used his lethal kicks on DeMarco. Ending came when DeMarco hit Blade with if I remember correctly, a somewhat of a front face Pump Handle Slam. Match was OK, but after following a nice opener you couldn't think much. Should have been the opener.


"Faint" by LP hit and a guy I have never seen before came out (His name was Dana Lee). Slymm was his opponent. Match was fun, a David vs. Goliath match with Slymm dominating. Slymm hit his finisher (The one where he has them in position for a Fallaway slam, then swings them over into a Rock Bottom) for the duke.


After the match, Dynamite D was gonna interview Slymm, but Adam Pearce (and Mr. Vanderpyle) came out. Pearce told Slymm to get out of the ring, then told him again (this time in "Gangster" slang). Pearce then slapped Slymm which caused him to attack him. Slymm then went after Vanderpyle and was going to swing, but Pearce, who got out of the ring right before, brought a chair into the ring and blasyed Slymm with it before fleeing the scene.


Joey Ryan came out after and was set to take on Excalibur. Disco Machine's theme hit and he came out, along with Excalibur, who was in a wheelchair! Disco tolled Ryan that he severely handicapped Excalibur after he hit him with a chair while he was flying over the top rope from the last show. Disco then asked Excalibur if he can wrestle Joey for him, Excalibur, in a mentally challenged voice, said yes. Through out this match I was laughing really hard at the way Excalibur looked and what he did. I thoguht I was gonna die. The match it self good, some back and forth action from the 2. Ending came after Joey speared referee Rick Knox. Disco nailed the choken-breaker, but no ref to make the count. Joey managed to get up and attacked the Disco one. Joey positioned him on the top rope and hit the Duff Drop (2nd rope Neckbreaker) and we all thought Joey would go for the pin, instead, he brought in a chair and the handicapped Excalibur into the ring. Joey was gonna hit a Piledriver on Excalibur, but some how Excalibur regained his healthy self and hit a TIGERRRRRRR DRIVERRRRRRRRRRR '85 on Joey. Disco made the pin for the 3.


Scorpio Sky and Scott Lost was a real good matchup. The 2 went at it back and forth. The ending saw Scorp hit the Final Solution on Lost, but he kicked out! Lost got up and nailed Scorp with his own finisher! Scorp kicked out! Scorp then rolled up Scott for the duke (I may be wrong on the finish so don't bitch at me). NEW APW-LA Lightweight Champion! Sky now holds the Rev Pro and APW-LA Light/Junior weight titles, congrats to him on that! It was kind of weird that Scorp won, I mean it just came out of no where. Good match!


Before intermission came James Choi came out and started to blast Cholo. Cholo came out and Choi was still talking crap. Choi said look what he (Cholo) did to him (Choi had a bandaged on his neck and his arm in a cast). Choi said he still wanted to fight Cholo in their scheduled dog collar match. Cholo was leaving an Choi attacked him with a dog chain. He continued his assault before Refs and security were able to brake it up.


Coming back from intermission, Steve Rizzano came out. He gave a very emotional speech. He mentioned that he had problems with his spine (If I remember, he had 3 herniated disc in his back) as well as some other things. Some wrestlers came out from the back and stood on the ring before Rizzano announced his retirement. Fans were standing up and applaudingRizzano, thanking him for his hard work.


After that emotional speech, "The Brow" came out to face Frankie Kazarian. This was a good match. Stryker was good, but not what I saw on the ROH tapes. The beginning of the match consisted of 5 minutes of show boating! WTF? Kazarian hit the Wave Of The Future of the 3.


Danny Daniels vs. Adam Pearce was a real good match, straight wrestling with only 1 dive added into the mix. Before the match began a fan kept on shouting things at Vanderpyle and Pearce. Pearce got the mic and told him if he shouted "Toll trime" again he was gonna leave, he continued; so Pearce and 'Pyle left. They then returned and 'Pyle got upset at the fan and wanted to start something with him (like all mangers do)> We then see a horrible, horrible sight when 'Pyle takes off all his clothing covering his chest *shudders*. The match was gonig kind of slow in the beginning, but picked up in no time. Crowd was into it, cheering Daniels on and booing Pearce. Ending was real good with Daniels almost getting near falls. Pearce managed to get up and distract the refree before he hit Daniles in the jews. Peacre hit a Piledriver and it looked like we might see a new IWA-MS Champ, but after the refs hand was about to hit the mat for the 3 Slymm came out and got revenge on Pearce. Pearce was able to flee outside. Daniles got on the mic and said he didn't come out here for a countout; he finished it off by saying its not over yet. We might see Daniels agaqin, YAY!


Main event was just awesome. Definetly a match of the month contender. Beginning was fast paced, Dragon tried to take out Grimes, but couldn't get the job done. Match broke out to the floor with Grimes dominating; hitting a running powerbomb (not dropping Dragon on the floor) into one of the walls. Match went outside the building where I thoguht Grimes would do a high risk move off the U-Haul. Back into the building. 1 thing I will mention here is Dragon trying to German Suplex Grimes, but couldn't get him over as Grimes landed on Dragon's chest onto the floor, SICK! SD then put Grimes on a table outside, he climbed up to the top turnbuckle and hit a senton. After more sweet ass action Grimes was about to finish off Dragon before Pearce came out and attacked him. This led to Team Chsimo coming out and attacking Pearce, then Grimes. Grimes battled them off before Dragon was able to get a roll up for the win. Grimes then challenged Dragon next week in Oakland for APW's Halloween Hell. Dragon flipped off Grimes while leaving.


Tape is definetly worth getting. We already know Grimes is a good mat worker, but if you want to see more of his non-deathmatch work this is the tpae to see. As I close for now I want to say I wanna see Grimes/Dragon 2!

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Ah yes,


I truly regret having to miss this show (I had other plans and also Newhall CA is such a pain in the ass to get to) APW-LA is a fantastic fed that doesn't get the press it deserves. Right up with PWG in terms of show quality.


Seems like a good show though, Grimes-Dragon sounded awesome. I'm def. going to buy this tape... hope SMV gets these shows in stock soon.

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