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Unoriginal Raw thoughts

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How original, thoughts on Raw.


Anyhow, while the WWE mark in me gives them a free pass for a boring show by saying they booked it uneventful for the Holiday, the realist in me can't help but think the show would have been booked that way any other Monday.


Not withstanding, the HBK heel turn was quite surprising and I look forward to it's follow up and future developments.


Small things that bothered me about Raw:


- Making it sound like Dupree has never been on Raw before, or at least not referencing that. He also didn't dance.


- Edge still having his breifcase. After the draft lottery was announced (but prior to it starting), Todd Grisham had an interview with Edge where he brought up the possibility of the draft voiding his World title contract. The draft has ended and the World Championship is on SmackDown now. This was not addressed at all on Raw but, due to Edge still having the briefcase, one would assume it just carried over to a WWE title match.


- Marc Loyd still doing Live Event News on Canadian Raw. WAsn't he released? Must have been a pre-tape.

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