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69. Rain. Victory. Stuff.

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US Open was boring today. Roger won. Some others did. Last night just killed all my interest for the Open. Ugh. And tomorrow will be a washout with Ernesto... then, the Andre Agassi farewell tour will be in full effect Sunday and Monday. Ugh.


Im just ignoring live coverage of US Open since I can't swallow more Agassi stuff. I'm DVRing it and I'll just watch it straight on mute.


Good to see that a "casual" tennis fan hates the silly Andre shit, as well. The "smark" tennis freaks like me all despise it.


Also, in tennis news, I won 8-2 tonight (lame pro-set) tonight. Over a girl named Carmella. And she looked a lot like the "Diva" Search crap girl, too. Only 4 aces and 8 service winners, though. I expect at least 2 service winners per game.


Glad you're behind the Twins. Any reasons why?


Mostly because of Santana and Liriano. And Mauer. And just how the Twins are run. How teams should be assembled. They're the team I'm rooting for this year. So, of course, the White Sox will pass them, and that asshole Ozzie will get the attention he wants.




The US losing to them is absolutely hilarious. Give all the excuses you want. It doesn't matter. The US has by far the best talent in the world. And they always lose. Just quality stuff. And further shows how sad this country is.


I haven't watched any wrestling, except for a couple viewings of Randall Orton, in nearly 5 months now. I'm proud of myself.


That's all for now.



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