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70. 9/11, sports, board crap.

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Obligatory story about where I was on 9/11. I had my wisdom teeth pulled on 9/10 and out like a light most of 9/11. Except to wake up at night for my Aunt's birthday get together, and have no idea why it was the quietest, strangest birthday celebration ever. With people putting American flags everywhere.


I don't mean to mock 9/11. Thousands of people needlessly died. That's sad. And it included a porn star I loved. Damn towelheads. But, the way people reacted, and still do, is disgusting.




Fuck you. Most of you weren't putting American flags on your windows and cars before that. So, you're suddenly patriotic because a group of crazy fucks needlessly killed a bunch of people. Whatever makes you feel good, I guess. Weird how I didn't hear GOD BLESS ESPANA and I LOVE UGLY BRITS for the Madrid and London killings. But, dey ain' wit'us, deyr agin'us. Or something.


I feel sad for the many people affected by the killings. Their lives will never be the same. But, everyone else can fuck off. The end.


So, the US Open sucked. Federer won easily. The women's event shall be ignored. That is all.


Another NFL season starts, and I have no excitement. Meh. And college football has been mostly boring thus far. Oh well.


As you can see, nothing interests me these days. So, I'll stop.




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I actually agree on the 9/11 stuff. People are emotional and easily manipulated. The way the media was reacting now, you'd think the bombings just happened. For three days, it covered the entire front page of the newspaper. I just don't see the big deal about an anniversary I guess. It's nothing but a day on a calendar.

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Leena, the first half of this blog might not go over so well with your PIT buddies.....lol.


The bigger problem is that people think Patriotism can be summed up with an american flag sticker or waving a flag in the first place. They probably act and live no different then before, but because they've added an american flag decal to their car, suddenly "Their voice is heard"


I also think it is damn ignorant and pretty annoying that people claim "9/11 changed the world" when in reality all it did was welcome America to the REST OF THE WORLD.

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