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71. Sports betting, my birthday, dating, stuff.

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Ryder Cup: Europe over USA: .80.


Europe always wins. The US team has a lot of mediocre players. This is easy money.


Cal over Arizona State: -7.


ASU is not a good team this year. The only way this stays close is if Carpenter has a huge passing game. ASU can't run. And they won't be able to stop Lynch and Cal's passing game. ASU is notoriously a poor road team, and even worse when playing in Cali. They haven't won any games in Cali for years.


New York Jets over Buffalo: +6.


For whatever reason, people think the Bills are suddenly a strong team now. Watch that Miami game. Their offense was dreadful. The Bills offense is still very, very weak. I like Losman, but he still has a way to go before being a competent starting QB. Plus, the Jets usually play the Bills well. Pennington has burned them many times before. I like the Jets straight up... but, even if you like the Bills here, it's tough seeing them win by more than a FG with their offense.


I hate birthdays since I turned 21. And I got nothing good.


I'm going on my first date via someone through myspace tonight. I have a feeling I'll really regret this. No, I'm not giving out any links to you bored piranhas.






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I have a date tomorrow night and Im pretty excited about it. Weeks of flirting and "getting to know" her, finally led somewhere.


I also agree on the birthday sentiment, but I extend back to age 16 as far as its value. While my 20th birthday ranks as one of the greatest days of my life, it wasn't due to my birthday, it merely happened on my birthday. Aside from that, it's just massive amount of calls, txt messages and IM's from people and maybe a few checks and cards from assorted family members. I miss the days of Chuck E. Cheese and the ice rink. Fuck having a birthday in the winter, it severely limits your options.



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My favorite ages as of age 23 are


1. 23

2. 17

3. 6

4. 11

5. 4.


That's right. 23 has been the best. 12 and 13 were the worst.


I don't regret going out with a girl from MySpace.

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