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NFL Picks Results and Surgery.

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Hawk 34


Short notes


-Today was the first day that I was with Allison since saturday night and it was awkward walking to class holding hands. I felt like a 15 year old again. The really unusual thing was that we avoided eye contact today during class, which was weird because before saturday night it always constant. After class, we said goodbye as we go seperate ways for the day. The day after (or the day after the day after, in this case) is always awkward because you're adjusting to a new routine. I think after a few days, we'll get into a good groove.


-I went down to where I'm going to be working to check out the place and get comfortable. I think I'll like it here. Basically, all I'm doing is front-desk work, file-management and the occasional tune-up (I can do oil changes, brake changes and that's about it).


I should clarify that this place isn't one of those quick lube jobs but an old style car repair shop. I like that it doesn't have a real corporate structure and having my car worked on before by these guys, I know the work is quality and I've seen the interaction between customer and workers. It's not the type you'll get at the Jiffy Lube.


-My mother, informed me that she'll be having surgery on friday. It's apparently something involving her uterus but I didn't ask for information beyond that. It's a minor surgery, so I'm not that concerned but anytime a family member or friend goes through something like this, you can get paranoid.


I hate surgery. I've had over 20 surgeries in my life. It's just something that I got tired off and I've avoided the need for once since Thanksgiving weekend 2001.


Earlier last week, I decided since I wasn't involved with KKK's pick-em's this weekend, I would still elect to pick the games but without the spread. Here's how i did.


Predicted score first


New York 16

Buffalo 7


*Actual Score*

New York 28

Buffalo 20




*Buffalo, had a tease going but with Losman running the ship, they will only sink further. If anything, they should just tank the season and grab a new QB. Anyone will be an upgrade from Losman.*


Cincinnati 27

Pittsburgh 17


*Actual Score*

Cincinnati 28

Pittsburgh 20




*Very good game. Both of the QB’s were off today but Palmer got the job done when they needed it. Ben, choked. Ben, played horribly and he proved my assessment in regards to him still not being comfortable on the field. The accident mentally damaged him more then he’s letting on.


Rudi Johnson, was effectively shut down but the Bengals defense came up big time capitalizing on Ben’s many mistakes.


“YOU WISH YOU WERE ME!”- Jerry Porter.


Great trash talking from Porter to Chad Johnson but as usual teams are too worried about Chad and forgetting Chris Henry hanging around in the end-zone.


Of course, the next morning Odell Thurman gets arrested for DUI. Naturally, Chris Henry was on the scene*


Jacksonville 10

Indianapolis 14


*Actual Score*

Jacksonville 14

Indianapolis 21




*Jacksonville, will look back and be glad they dropped this game. They didn’t need the media hype surrounding them. The quieter they can remain, the better their success will be. Indianapolis, still has issues and I don’t think they can realistically be considered the team to beat in the AFC. Not with the way Cincinnati is playing on each side of the field.*


Tennessee 10

Miami 24


*Actual Score*

Tennessee 10

Miami 13




*I got half of it right. I underestimated just how bad Culpepper really is and the team as a whole. They really should have blown them out but they didn’t.*


Washington 13

Houston 17


*Actual Score*

Washington 31

Houston 15




*I said I didn’t care for either team and I still don’t. At least Washington took advantage when they needed to*


Chicago 20

Minnesota 10


*Actual Score*

Chicago 19

Minnesota 16




*Classic NFC Black and Blue game. Ugly and tight. Chicago impressed me in that they didn’t buckle against a real team. Minnesota, proved their worth by pushing Chicago all day. With the NFC, they have a good shot at a wild-card berth. *


Carolina 28

Tampa 16


*Actual Score*

Carolina 26

Tampa 24




*STEVE SMITH! STEVE SMITH! STEVE SMITH! Carolina killed Tampa with all those yards and Td’s from STEVE SMITH!…wait, you mean Carolina barely edged past Tampa? Maybe, this team wasn’t as good as we thought. Poor Chris Simms. First, he spends the whole week watching the media rip him, then he gets slaughtered in the game and to top his miserable week off, he loses a spleen and the season. Somewhere Major Applewhite is smiling.*



Green Bay 17

Detroit 14


*Actual Score*

Green Bay 31

Detroit 24




*Favre is back! Let the blowjobs commence. Look, it was against Detroit. Brett got to 400 and is 18 behind Dan Marino’s record. He has one more visit against Detroit this season, if he can find 10 Td’s throughout the rest of the season, he might get that record. Also, it's time for Millen to get the pink slip.*


Baltimore 21

Cleveland 7


*Actual Score*

Baltimore 15

Cleveland 14




-I guess people were a bit premature on jumping onto the Baltimore bandwagon*


St Louis 31

Arizona 27


*Actual Score*

St. Louis 16

Arizona 14




*I still don’t understand the ending sequence and I'm excited for the arrival of the Matt Leinert era*


New York 16

Seattle 13


*Actual Score*

New York 30

Seattle 42




*Well, I was pretty with that. Poor Eli, it’s bad enough that he inherited his last name but he’ll always be forced to live under the spotlight cast by his older brother.


Maybe if he didn’t suck in the first quarter all the time, he wouldn’t need to fall into a No-Huddle. If he does a No-Huddle, he’ll just get compared to Peyton. He can’t win at all. He’ll still win a conference title before Peyton does.


Couglin, getting ripped by Shockey will get alot of press and somewhat deservingly so. I'm more stunned that Shockey hasn't gone full blown T.O on NY yet*


Philadelphia 24

San Francisco 13


*Actual Score*

Philadelphia 38

San Francisco 24




*Philly, recovered from that humiliating collapse to NY by beating down the NFL proverbial JTTS*


Denver 10

New England 16


*Actual Score*

Denver 17

New England 7




*I usually don’t care for these two teams and think they get too much network love. Brady, really does need a go-to guy like Branch but I don’t think the team is hurting too much. I think the league has caught up and figured out Belichek’s scheme and without Romeo and Charlie, Billy isn’t adapting as quick as he needs to. Besides, Denver always had NE's number and I forgot about it*


Atlanta 26

New Orleans 17


*Actual Score*

Atlanta 3

New Orleans 23




*Wow. First off, I’m not going to be an asshole. It was nice to see the city of New Orleans have something special, even if it’s fleeting. Let’s not go overboard and start claiming that this event will completely reverse the damage and that NO is going to thrive once again.


The game will be an emotional uplift for the city but the euphoria will be only brief.


U2 always makes a football game seem larger then life but dragging Green Day into wasn’t needed. Green Day is acceptable in their own little corner but they aren’t the right band for a football game and especially as a means to be spiritual uplift. How is “Wake Me Up When September Ends” (a protest song against war) supposed to inspire the crowd? The only reason they played that song because it was a recent hit and it’s still September.


The circumstances to the opening of the game were wacky and I guess we’re supposed to intrepret that as destiny doing its work. It can’t be a really bad blocking effort distracted by the intense noise? No.


Vick’s invincibility was shattered yet again. Back to the drawing board.


New Orleans and Cincinnati are undefeated and are looking like legitimate teams. Try saying that 7 years ago with a straight face*


I went 10-4, but that wasn't with the spread intact. I think I fared better on my off-week as opposed to when I'm actually playing in the pick-em's.

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