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Home. Her Parents. Baseball

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Hawk 34


I’m still groggy. Not physically, but more mentally. Lethargic, is probably the most appropriate description. It comes and goes, always has for me. Usually there’s a trigger but in this instance, I’m happy in theory (new job, steady new relationship that is still fresh, doing great in school).


I even redesigned/arranged my room out of complete boredom. It made me wonder, while a good move financially to leave the campus and stay home. I think it had more psychological damage then I had anticipated. I got out and I just ended right back here.


It’s not like I’m 27 and still living at home, but I always felt you should be gone by 21 at the latest. That milestone is very close.


I have a solid relationship with my parents, although it can slip into standard family theatrics from time to time but that’s probably a given for all paternal situations until a 3rd generation comes along and you figure out exactly what they were doing.


Speaking of parents, Allison is pushing to do the “meet my parents” routine sometime soon, just to get it out of the way. I understand where she’s coming from, but she has a very tumultuous relationship with them, which always means as the new boyfriend, I’m basically fucked right out the gate or that I’ll really have to shine.


Oddly enough, I’m not rushing to have her meet my parents despite my good relationship with them and that I already know my parents adore her just by my descriptions and pictures.


To be fair, my mother “loved” all my girlfriends in the past. Except one, which was a doozy of a situation that I couldn’t even begin to cover in a simple blog.


My father’s take? “Get it while you can”. He is, if nothing, a man of simplicity.


I balanced my work schedule for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon (noon-5). That’s not a lot of hours, but it’s a pretty fucking easy job.



Maybe not easy for MECCA, but for any general worker with focus. It’s a office role but without politics. It’s almost a perk to get paid for it.


So, fuck NFL picks. This weekend was a total catastrophe for me and the local team.


This week we’re going into a deluge of endless Evil TO Vs Sir Donovan F McNabb Of Philadelphia


I’d auto-block ESPN but it just so happens to be the start of the MLB Playoffs.



Quickie predictions


National League

San Diego Vs St. Louis

-St. Louis, completely fell ass backwards into the playoffs but to assume they will roll over and die is a mistake. Pujols will extend this to at least 4 games


San Diego in 4.


Los Angeles Vs New York

-Offensively, I love NY. LA has the pitching match up. This could be either a fantastic tight series or a collection of blow-outs.


New York in 5.


American League

Minnesota Vs Oakland

-I really like Minnesota but I think the bandwagon might topple over on the way to Oakland. That being said, Santana will go twice and get it done there.


Minnesota in 5.


Detroit Vs New York

-Detroit suffered a similar fate as St. Louis and actually squandered the division title on the last day of the season, which was ridiculous. Like it’s NL counterpart, the Yankees have a questionable pitching staff but it’ll rely on it’s offensive explosiveness to out-muscle the Tigers.


New York in 4.



San Diego 4

New York 3



Minnesota 4

New York 2


World Series

San Diego 1

Minnesota 4

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