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Tall Stacks. Football

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Hawk 34


This was a pretty fast week that I didn’t really realize had passed but it was fairly enjoyable in spite of getting into the groove of a easy yet enjoyable job and general happiness in life.


The big “deal” is TALL STACKS. If anyone isn’t familiar with this event, it’s a bi-annual ceremony of riverboats converging onto the riverbank for a ton of concerts (mostly country, folk and some indy rock acts), food and historic stuff along with big fucking boats. It’s a pretty big tourist attraction to say the least and usually I don’t care about it as I’ve only been once and that was a kid and didn’t care for it. However, my chick works the front desk for one of the higher up hotels in that area and they are under the gun, which was the fun part about visiting her at work for the first time. I love seeing girls all flustered by work, it’s cute.


Oh, KKK? The game’s a wrap. Won.


Things to ramble on…



I was completely off about everything. Which I’m fine with because despite not having any classic games and only Tigers/Yankees game 2 being particularly memorable, I’ve enjoyed this post-season.


Congrats to the A’s for getting that monkey off their proverbial backs and I’ve really gotten to like some of those guys. Minnesota was too business-minded and in turn that hurt them, while Oakland’s free-wheeling nature finally helped them.


The NL West completely laid down and I don’t see either franchise making a 0-2 comeback. They might push it to 5 games but I said each team is done.


It’s fantastic to see Yankees on the ropes against Detroit but I’m not foolish enough to assume that it’s over. Yankees can turn the switch on like *that*.



Quickie Picks


Buffalo @ Chicago

-Chicago’s really fucking good but Buffalo has the ability to keep games ugly and close. I don’t think it’ll be a blow-out along the lines off the ass-kicking they gave Seattle (which was STATEMENT game) but it’ll be decisive enough.


Buffalo 10

Chicago 20


Cleveland @ Carolina

-Cleveland plays ugly but they don’t play good. They can play close but Carolina looks to be clicking with STEVE SMITH out there.


Cleveland 16

Carolina 31


Detroit @ Minnesota

-I’m starting to think Detroit might be getting somewhere and Minnesota isn’t going anywhere. I’ll call for the upset win because I think Detroit will cover anyways.


Detroit 23

Minnesota 20


Miami @ New England

-NE owned Cincinnati last week in their own statement game. Miami is a complete fraud. Will Miami cover? It’s a division game and Miami has been good against NE in the past, it’s certainly probable.


Miami 9

New England 17


St. Louis @ Green Bay

-St. Louis is still a weird team that isn’t clear yet but GB is a bad team and there’s no denying that. I could buy GB pulling off a win here but I’ll be conservative with St. Louis again.


St. Louis 24

Green Bay 16


Tampa @ New Orleans

-NO took the predictable lost but looked good in doing so. TB is a disaster and that isn’t exclusive to the QB situation.


Tampa 13

New Orleans 28


Tennessee at Indianapolis (18.5)

-Indianapolis had a scare last week and I can’t imagine them getting in that position once more and especially not against Tennessee. The line worries me but I trust Peyton Manning (in the regular season, at least).


Tennessee 7

Indianapolis 31




Washington @ New York

-Who knows? Seriously, these are the games you can’t really honestly predict. It’ll be ugly or just all out. No middle ground.


Washington 21

New York 26


Kansas City @ Arizona

-Arizona is inching closer to being a step above ineptitude but as long as Warner is their starter, it’s a slow climb. KC does well against shitty teams and this should be no exception.


Kansas City 34

Arizona 20


New York @ Jacksonville

-New York looked really good last week and I’m not sure that line is fair. I’ll go with the Jets to cover but not for the win.


New York 13

Jacksonville 17


Oakland @ San Francisco

-Good God. SF is so miserable that they could only get 3.5 pts on the Raiders, but to be fair, that’s the same amount Cleveland went up by.


Oakland 10

San Francisco 14


Dallas @ Philadelphia

-You would think this was the Super Bowl, given the hype and talk regarding this match. What’s so intriguing about this match-up? Beyond the weak and over-rated catcalls from a degenerate fan base in Philadelphia and the first and ONLY hard shot T.O will get? TO will make his mark against Philadelphia because he thrives in these games. The pressure will eat at McNabb and he’ll wither up as usual.


Dallas 24

Philadelphia 16


Pittsburgh @ San Diego

-I think this is a crucial game for each QB. Ben needs to recover and get on track and Rivers will be severely tested as Pittsburgh can swallow up a running game, even one involving LT. It’ll be tight and pretty fun.


Pittsburgh 17

San Diego 21


Baltimore @ Denver

-Should be an old style smash mouth game. Plummer against the Ravens defense will be intriguing and let’s see just how magical McAir is against that defense.


Baltimore 17

Denver 10

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