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Bowl Projections...sort of, Part 2

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December 30th - Meineke Car Care Bowl (Big East #3/Navy vs. ACC #6)

Navy vs. Clemson/Boston College/Miami


The mean 'ol Naval academy is stealing the Big East's bid here due to a conditional bid they had with this unfortunately named bowl. Clemson is likely to end up here after having what appeared to be promising Orange Bowl hopes just a couple of weeks ago.


December 30th - Alamo Bowl (Big XII #4 vs. Big Ten #4)

Texas A&M/Missouri/Nebraska vs. Purdue


Purdue will end up here by default and A&M is obviously favored here, if the Holiday Bowl doesn't grab them. Nebraska would probably be passed on if their available since they played here last season.


December 30th - Chick-fil-A Bowl (ACC #2 vs. SEC #5)

Virginia Tech/Georgia Tech/Maryland/Boston College vs. Georgia/Alabama/South Carolina


And just another reason why people have a hard time taking bowl game seriously. Chick-fil-A just wasn't satisfied with being the sponsor of the Peach Bowl so they bought out the name. I'd never even heard of Chick-fil-A when they first sponsored the bowl. The assumption right now by the projections is that the SEC will get two teams in the BCS thus leaving this game with a 7-5 team at best from the SEC. Although none of them picked them, when you look at the remaining schedule there is a distinct possibility Kentucky ends up here as they could go 7-5 while the other three all finish 6-6 and thus would have to be passed over. If Georgia Tech loses the ACC title game they'll end up here which obviously would eliminate Georgia from consideration.


December 31st - MPC Computers Bowl (WAC #1 vs. ACC #8)

Nevada/San Jose State vs. Miami/Florida State/Wake Forest


Larry Coker's last stand will likely be freezing his ass off in Boise. Like I said in the prior entry I'd be surprised if Nevada isn't Boise State's replacement here. Of course though perennial doormat San Jose State playing perennial national power Miami on blue turf would be delicious is so many ways.


Jaunary 1st - Gator Bowl (Big East #2/Big XII #5 vs. ACC #3)

West Virginia/Nebraska vs. Wake Forest/Clemson/Maryland


The Gator Bowl has become the ugly stepchild of the January 1st bowls and has been passed over the Peach and Holiday Bowl on the bowl totem poll in recent years. As mentioned before if Nebarska is available they will pass on an 11-1/10-2 Big East team to do so. A lot will depend on who ends up in the Holiday Bowl from the Pac-10 as if it's Cal is there then they will probably grab Nebraska but if it's USC they'll have to pass on them.


January 1st - Outback Bowl (Big Ten #3 vs. SEC #4)

Penn State vs. Tennessee/LSU/Arkansas


Although the Gator Bowl is the ugly stepchild of January 1st, this game has always felt like an unecessary January 1st game to me. It's starts way too early for us on the West Coast (8:00 AM after New Year's Eve? Fuck that) and the 3rd or 4th best team from the Big Ten playing the 4th or 5th best team from the SEC isn't all that exciting to me especially when there is a much bigger Big Ten/SEC match-up later in the day. It will be especially unexciting this year as an unranked Penn State team will be here by default barring something bizarre happening in the Big Ten in the last couple of weeks.


January 1st - Cotton Bowl (Big XII #2 vs. SEC #3)

Oklahoma vs. LSU/Arkansas/Auburn/Tennessee


I always kind of hope that the Cotton Bowl will one day regain it's status as the 2nd biggest bowl game but that will never happen. Oklahoma is almost a lock here at this point unless Texas gets upset in the Big XII title game and there is always a preference to take a team from the SEC West division so not sure what CFN is thinking with Tennessee.


January 1st - Capital One Bowl (SEC #2 vs. Big Ten #2)

Wisconsin vs. Tennessee/Florida/Arkansas


There's 99.99999999% chance the Badgers end up here. As for the SEC a lot will depend on what happens in the SEC title game.


January 1st - Rose Bowl (Pac-10 #1/BCS vs. Big Ten #1/BCS)

California/USC vs. Michigan


Aww the Grand Daddy of them all back where should always be played, on January 1st. Won't get the Big Ten champ but at least we will get a Pac-10/Big Ten match-up. Of course if Cal beats USC I will not be watching this game until Michigan has a substantial lead in the game. And as you can see no one is picking them to beat Ohio State.


January 1st - Fiesta Bowl (Big XII #1/BCS vs. BCS)

Texas/Notre Dame vs. Boise State


This appears to be the easiest bowl to predict at this point. Texas wins the Big XII and Boise State wins out, they'll be playing each other. Now you see Notre Dame and well that's because Ivan Maisel thinks Texas will end up in the BCS Title Game which is too scary to think of right now. Although I think they'll get crushed at least Boise will get to prove themselves against an elite team unlike Utah a few years ago who were stuck playing a Pittsburgh team that had no business being there in a year that turned everyone on the Big East.


Jaunary 2nd - Orange Bowl (ACC #1/BCS vs. BCS)

Georgia Tech/Wake Forest vs. Auburn/LSU/Louisville


I'm sooooooooo rooting for Wake Forest and Rutgers to win their conferences and play here as it might cause the Apocalypse. Obviously the popular choice seems to be the 2nd SEC team getting here.


January 3rd - Sugar Bowl (SEC #1/BCS vs. BCS)

Florida/Arkansas/Auburn vs. Notre Dame/Louisville


Convential wisdom is the Sugar Bowl will gobble up Notre Dame as they are ahead of the Orange and Fiesta on the BCS pecking order this year.


January 6th - International Bowl (MAC #3 vs. Big East #4/#5)

Ohio/Western Michigan/Kent State vs. Pittsburgh/South Florida


Exhibit A why when a bowl is played is overrated. It seems unlikely USF would be picked here to travel all the way to Toronto.


January 7th - GMAC Bowl (Conference USA #2 vs. MAC #2)

East Carolina/Tulsa/Houston vs. Ohio/Western Michigan/Central Michigan/Northern Illinois


And Exhibit B as nothing bowl game GMAC decided to get cute and schedule themselves the day before the BCS title game.


January 8th - BCS Championship Game (BCS #1 vs. BCS #2)

Ohio State vs. Louisville/Florida/Texas


Playing two bowl games at the same site a week apart is lame and January 8th is looooooong time to wait for the title game. Words can not describe how I don't want to see a Ohio State/Texas rematch although the elitist in me would prefer to see Florida than Louisville, not to say I don't think Louisville wouldn't be more deserving if they finish undefeated.

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See I'm fine with the Chick-Fil-A name. It's the Car Care Bowl that annoys me.


None of the names matter as the sponser gets more attention anyways.

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