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Football ineptitude. Moving and James Woods

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Hawk 34


It’s official. I have no ability in predicting football games anymore. I correctly predicted (excluding the meaningless MNF game) FIVE games cumulative in College and Pro football pick-em. That’s FIVE FOR THIRTY! I’m not good at math but that’s like a .166 average.


That wasn’t the worst of it over the weekend, though. Friday afternoon, I came home and found my sister standing in the kitchen making dinner which was weird since she hasn’t come over much since the wedding. I asked why she was there and she shrugged, telling me that she was told to come over and start dinner. We made light conversation wondering and speculating on the cause of this apparent family meeting. Finally they each arrived and after we sat down for this prepared dinner, which was beyond weird enough but they finally came out and informed us that they had decided it was time to move and “retire”. Having already made the arrangements and found a house in some small town in Pennsylvania where my mother knew she’d get work as a teacher and my father whom has saved a comfortable amount would essentially work out of his garage doing custom jobs on cars. This didn’t drastically affect my sister, as she’s already on her own with a husband and probably with kids very soon.



Of course, I’m not married. I’m not “settled” in by any means yet. Obviously, I can’t follow my parents down there. They plan on selling the house and this will leave me with a decision to make. I’ve mentioned before here that I wasn’t planning on staying home much longer especially after I already had a brief taste of living on my own. It was time for me to seriously start looking ahead but I’m not really concerned about where I will go (I’ll either get an apartment of my own somewhere near by, probably Middletown because of how dirt cheap it is in comparison to other towns near-by) or I’ll made the serious jump and move in with Allison, whom will be room-mate free next year in Oxford. That’s scary for me, to realize that after just 2 months together, I am willing to live with her. It’s because of this feeling that I don’t want to do that.



I’m more bothered by the prospect of my parents being at least 5-6 hours away from me. I’m not dependant on them but it was always nice, even when I was living at Miami to know that it was just a short drive away if I needed something or they needed me. Sure, I got other family and even a couple friends around but they aren’t your parents.



To make matters worse, having found out my parents were moving and I was out of a home, that fever from two weeks ago crept up again and with the girlfriend out of town, I was left to my own devices and this allowed me to catch up on various movies and TV shows that I hadn’t seen. What, you think I was going to give you a report on those shows/movies? No!


However, I will stay I was greatly entertained by this movie called “Pretty Persuasion”. Granted, it wasn’t the most original plot but the acting was good especially with the hammy greatness of James Woods. I think he automatically improves the quality of every movie he appears in, even if they are all the same smarmy character. I mean, look at this list




Straight Talk




Ghosts of Mississippi



Virgin Suicides

Any Given Sunday

True Crime

Riding In Cars With Boys

Scary Movie 2

Stuart Little 2/Hercules/Easter Egg Adventure/Recess/Final Fantasy/Grand Theft Auto/Scarface (Voice)

Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story (Yes, they actually made a movie about him)


What an awesome dude and his TV show rocks too.

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(I’ll either get an apartment of my own somewhere near by, probably Middletown...


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Where are they moving to in Pennsylvania?


Belle Vernon? Something like that.

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