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HOF Profile: Bobby Witt

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2007 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot is out so as planned I'm going to do individual profiles on each player on the ballot. I'll go in the order of career Win Shares starting at the bottom. No player on this year's ballot is nearly bad as Gary DiSarcina being on last year's ballot and there are quite a few Hall of Very Good players making their first appearance on the ballot. But we start off with a very dubious addition to this year's ballot.



Bobby Witt - Starting Pitcher


Texas Rangers 1986-1992, 1995-1998

Oakland Athletics 1992-1994

Florida Marlins 1995

St. Louis Cardinals 1998

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1999

Cleveland Indians 2000

Arizona Diamondbacks 2001





League Leader



Career Ranks

K: 69th

K/9: 64th


Hall of Fame Stats


Gray Ink: Pitching - 33 (696) (Average HOFer ≈ 185)

HOF Standards: Pitching - 11.0 (696) (Average HOFer ≈ 50)

HOF Monitor: Pitching - 7.0 (1050) (Likely HOFer > 100)


Similar Pitchers in HOF: None

Top 10 Similar Pitchers: Kevin Gross, Mike Moore, Jim Clancy, Steve Renko, Scott Erickson, Steve Trachsel, Bump Hadley, Tim Belcher, Floyd Bannister, Tom Candiotti


Year-by-Year Win Shares & Wins Above Replacment Level (WARP3)


1986: 3/2.0

1987: 6/3.9

1988: 10/3.8

1989: 5/2.0

1990: 17/6.4

1991: 0/0.2

1992: 8/4.5

1993: 11/5.8

1994: 4/2.8

1995: 9/4.4

1996: 10/4.7

1997: 11/5.4

1998: 1/0.3

1999: 8/2.8

2000: 0/0.0

2001: 2/1.1


Career Win Shares: 102

Career WARP3: 49.9


Would He Get My Vote?


No, shockingly as that might seem. Only had one good year in 1990 when he went 17-10 with a 3.36 ERA which was one of only four seasons that he had an ERA+ of 100 or better. Now any player who played at least 10 years can appear on the ballot but there is still a nomination process where a handful of players don't get on the ballot but there is always a few that make no sense as to why anyone would nominate them and Witt is definately one this year. If you're going to include Bobby Witt on the ballot why even bother with a nomination process? Not that it really matters in the end.

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