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Gary Floyd



05.) Chunky A-Large and In Charge

What's the worst hip-hop album ever recorded? Why, it's Large and In charge, which is also the worst comedy album of all time. First, some backstory: Chunky A was actually Arsenio Hall, playing his overweight brother, who decided to cut this album. The result: The so bad it will make you want to kill yourself "Aaaaww!", bad parodies ("She Drives me Crazy" becomes "The Ho is Lazy." Weird Al he isn't), and "Dope: The Big Lie", which is the funniest anti-drug song ever recorded, simply because it is the one song on the album that tries to make a serious statement. Oh, and Ice-T and KRS-One appear on it (I'm suprised KRS is able to live this down) This OOP, and if you ever do find it, don't bother. It's so bad it doesn't even warrent a curiosity buy.



04.) Metallica-St. Anger

A five year wait that wasn't worth it, St. Anger was intended to be not only the return of Metallica after Load (which while not perfect, is far from one of the worst albums ever recorded) and Reload (a bad album with a few good moments), but also the return of their older sound. That never happened. What we got instead was bad singing ("KILL! KILL! KILL!"), bad lyrics ("My Lifestyle determines my Deathstyle"), hardly any guitar solos, the song "Invisible Kid", self help lyrics, drums that sound like tin cans, and no idea what made Metallica what they are (or were) in the first place. If you ever wanted to know what a band taking a huge shit on their fans sounds like, here you go.



03.) Pink Floyd-A Momentary Lapse in Reason

When Roger Waters left Pink Floyd, fans wondered if the band would ever do another album again. That happened-it just wasn't what most wanted. While it says it's a Pink Floyd album, it's basically a David Gilmour solo album. Sure, it has his trademark guitar work, but it also has bad attempts at Talking Heads like funk, songs that sound too much like Dave wants them to be a part of The Wall ("Sorrow"), really dated pieces of radio friendly bullshit ("Learning to Fly"), bad attempts to capture the past ("Signs of Life"), and meandering songs that go nowhere-which is where the whole album goes. It's the worst Pink Floyd album, and though it sold a whole lot of copies, it's not much an album as much as it is a disaster.

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what I hated most about St. Anger was, how do I put it...how dirty and murky sounding the production was. Does that make sense? It doesn't sound clear...there's like a muffled sound to it.


Oh and the lack of guitar solos was bollocks...it's fucking METALLICA. That had to drive Kirk Hammet nuts.

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Apparently, the band wanted it to sound like a band playing in their garage, doing what they love to do. While that does play a big part of Metallica's origins, it also forgot all the things that make Metallica who they are. Another one of the reasons the album fails is because it lacks identity.


Anyways, what do you think of the list so far Lushus?

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I've only seen a few of your entries...you must have the option turned off where you can see past entires in your blog. On the side there, the only thing you can see is people's responses.

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