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Crazy Preacher, Prince Harry, Season Finales, and Phelps

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Gary Floyd


-Lately down at the quad at the university (it's by the library-I'm at Wright State, BTW) there has been this crazy preacher guy. I say he's crazy because he hates gays, Catholics, Liberals, and a host of the other usual suspects (insert joke by kkktookmybabyaway here). I haven't gotten to see him yet (a few of my friends have) but I've been wanting to, since I could use a good laugh. Also, he has about 15 or more people yelling at him, so I probably wouldn't have a word in.


There were also two old guys outside two days ago (same day as the crazy preacher) protesting the war. I kind of felt bad for them. I mean, two people? That's not too good.


-Fred Phelps is still at it (like you are suprised), ready to picket Jerry Falwells funeral (Phelps is one of the few people one Earth who almost makes Falwell look good-almost), and putting together a lovely video called God Hates the World.


-Remember when it was announced that Prince Harry was going to serve in Iraq? Think Again. I guess his family found out that war is dangerous. That out of the way, you knew there was no way in hell he was going to fight over there.


-Finally, tonight's the season finale of "The Office", which I'm looking forward to. What can i say, I love the show (especially Mindy Kaling, who plays the uber adorable Kelly Kapoor. To hell with Pam, I like Kelly)

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The preacher should be railing against Conservatives as well, certainly they are a hated group nowadays. I remember a preacher dude at Ohio State Univ. when I was there in 1987--people would gather around and yell at him. The thing is, he wasn't preaching any kind of hate, he was just going on about sin and all the Jesus stuff, but not insulting anybody. The only insulting going on was on the part of the college kids toward him.


Fred Phelps is the one people should reserve their hatred for, not Falwell. Falwell had nothing in common with Phelps. Phelps wants people to die, is glad when they die. Falwell never expressed that view.


They didn't want Harry going over there because they were afraid he'd slip his Nazi uniform one morning.

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