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  1. Swift Terror

    12/28: A Message To Lexus

    Lexus pretty much heads the list of smug car commercials (BMW is a very, very close second). Damn do they think they are the shit. I remember one where they had a small metal ball rolling along the exterior panel gaps. Great, your gaps line up, I hope you're proud of yourself.
  2. Swift Terror

    12/5: A Message To O.J. Simpson

    I never thought of $1500 as a "large amount" with regard to Christmas bonus....that is until I compared it with what I'm getting...zero. I don't really care. I've never gotten a Christmas bonus in my life. I figured they were a thing of the past except for people at Fortune 500 companies. We had to get a new furnace during late spring. A little over $5,000. It is a LOT more efficient than what we had and our electric bill is down considerably since we got it. Too bad our furnace didn't break down on Jan 21st. Obama would've taken care of us along with our mortgage and gasoline costs.
  3. Swift Terror

    10/14: Magic Kingdumb

    Damn, I thought shit like that (calling Child Services for petty reasons) only happened in recent politically correct f'd up times. Dat's messed up. But wow, I feel for you and your crappy vacations. My childhood vacations were, while not fancy or extravagant, paradise compared to yours.
  4. Swift Terror

    10/9: Cat On The Run

    I've never had a pet run off/run away permanently or really for a long length of time. I did, however, once believe that a cat of ours had runaway. That's what my parents told me. I found out years later that the cat had in fact been struck by a car and killed. I guess it was better to spare me that. I would have been scarred for life....although watching such things as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and various other sick violent movies as a kid didn't mess me up so I suppose I could've handled it.
  5. Swift Terror

    9/24: Greed Is Good, Dumb Questions Aren't

    Gordon Gecko rules. But the ending was indeed awful. I mean, Charlie whore-addicted Sheen punching Douglas in the face in Central Park? Boring
  6. Swift Terror

    9/7: On Wounded Knee

    I've never had the new Pizza Hut pasta things and likely never will. I've even soured on their pizza for the most part. It sucks compared to our local pizza restaurant. But you wanna talk commercials, the Geico cavemen commercials continue to kick ass.
  7. Swift Terror

    9/4: Mystery In Alaska

    I'll vote for that, but there's no way that picture is authentic. I believe there are dozens of fake photos like that on the net--not that she probably doesn't look that good herself. Snopes has declared it fake and has the original photo with actual chicks head (and she aint as good looking as Palin).
  8. Swift Terror

    8/27: Boy Panera Sure Costs Plenty Of Bread

    Well, the Bread Company was replaced by a Mattress company that sells high-end mattresses, including Tempur-pedic. I guess we are bolstered by the shining light of promise that is embodied in the form of Obama. Oh yeah, and the wasteland directly across the main road from where we worked has been built up into an ultra-hippie "outdoor mall" type thing with all kinds of fancy-schmancy stores, inluding a Birkenstock store.
  9. Swift Terror

    8/27: Boy Panera Sure Costs Plenty Of Bread

    The Atlanta Bread Company store that was near the test scoring place closed a while ago. It seems the hippies around here prefered Panera. I will say that Panera has/had a melon drink thing that I loved. But I had to break the addiction because I was sick of paying 4 or 5 dollars for it.
  10. Swift Terror

    8/25: Bias Toward Hitlery, Young Pitchers

    The topic of the kid fastballer came up on the local radio show here (Mike McConnell) and plenty of people called up debunking the fact that 40mph is overwhelming speed at that age. If he tops out at 40mph, then most of the time he's pitching in the mid-30s and that is not unheard of. The Cooey story has come up here in Ohio also. If his argument is limited to cruel and unusual, then I guess as long as they can find a painless way to kill him, he's ok with that. But no, he wants his sentence commuted I believe.
  11. Swift Terror

    2/14: I [heart] Shittsburgh

    Oh God regarding the trailer for the new Indiana Jones. The reason this movie will suck is because it will be one long continuous joke about how old Harrison Ford/Indiana is and all the things he won't be able to do. Like screwing up a rope swing. I'm anticipating the line "I'm too old for this" to occur at least once. It will be one of the most pathetic, appalling moments in movie history.
  12. Swift Terror

    Jericho Truthers are gay

    So I decided to watch Jericho last night to see what all the hubub is about. I wanted to find out what the deal was with the nuclear attacks, who was behind it, etc. Turns out that it was an inside job. Yep, forces in the U.S. government and/or U.S. military were behind the attack. Sound familiar? Is Alex Jones and other 911 truthers creative consultants on this show? I regret the space wasted on my DVR. I made the mistake of turning on Rome today and of course he commented on the Quinn thing. "It better not be true." "I know you're smarter than that Brady." Yeah Jim, it's a real surprise a football player would rip on gays. Am I the only one who knows that there is a bigtime culture in football that is not hardcore anti-gay but is in fact steeped in gay jokes and the like. John Feinstein acknowledged this when he wrote his book on the Army Navy football rivalry. He encountered it while traveling with the teams for his book. The real story here is not what Quinn did or didn't say, it is rather the ridiculous overreaction of the ghey guy. Calling 911 emergency over a verbal insult? You're foolish, sir.
  13. Swift Terror

    2/13: Quinn The Queer, India Up In Smoke

    I believe you are destinied for both the Christian Hell and the Islamic Hell for those pics. lol at the Brady Quinn incident. Insults are a 911-worthy occurrence? Since when is it against the law in this country to insult people? Oh yeah, when you're insulting a minority. Hey, can someone call 911 on you for your notorious "I wish the cancer fairy on you" saying? That would be the only thing more ridiculous and sissy than the Quinn story. Nah, nah, I'm calling the authorities on you.
  14. Swift Terror

    George Romero talks "Diary of the Dead"

    Basically Romero didn't want to have the movie set in 1968 but rather in present day. Yet, he wanted the events of the movie to be at the start of when "there's no more room in hell" and the epidemic begins. It's nothing more than that, just having present day as the setting. Kind of like the people that remade "Dawn" choosing not to set that movie in 1978.
  15. Swift Terror

    2/9: Cooling Down On The Global Warming Talk

    To my shame, my beloved Ohio State Univ. has mud on its face concerning Glenn Beck. Well, a few OSU journalism students anyway. About a week ago Beck did a parody bit where he listed all the reasons Hillary Clinton is a racist. It was tongue in cheek of course, pointing out how easy it is to label someone a racist. These jackball journalism students thought it was serious and have started a curfluffle over it in the student newspaper "The Lantern", calling Beck a....racist, etc. Even though Beck listeners have clued them in on the whole thing, they still stand by the article as an opinion piece. **At the time of this writing, it is unknown whether editors for The Lantern have read "An Inconvenient Book". I'm sure they'll get around to it very soon.