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Vince is my father

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Gary Floyd


I know, it's been a while, but I've been busy.


-Anyways, in case you didn't see Raw, Vince came back, and we have another "so bad it's awesome" storyline: This time: Vince has an illegitimate child.


Hell yeah it's dumb. But it gets your attention. Remember last week, when Kurt Angle's wife left him on TNA? Of course you don't, that was boring. Vince having an illegitimate kid though, awesome. That may be his best talent: no matter how stupid (or even how bad) it is, you pay attention.


-To Hollywood: I'm concerned about the environment too, but come on, you aren't fooling anybody. Seriously, are you fuckers actually worried, or are you just acting like it because Al Gore is worried? Me thinks it's the latter.


-So, Bob Allen says he gave a black guy a blow job because he was scared? Yeah, that big, black cock really must have "intimidated" you into sucking it...


-There's going to be a movie about the Notorious B.I. G., though it won't co-stat Butters. I'm sure it will end with a bang though.

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Disagree about The Vince's "Bastard Child" storyline, mostly because I have a pretty good idea how things will go: The entire storyline will be stupid,(bad stupid, not good stupid), while the writers basically ignore the rest of the roster because they can't handle multiple storylines at once. The storyline will drag out as ratings continue to fall. Vince ends up dropping the storyline and blaming everyone else for why it didn't work except himself and his untalented, Head Of The Creative Team Daughter. Rinse and repeat.

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