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Retro Blog: Wrestlemania 21 Report

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Prophet of Mike Zagurski


I just got home from Wrestlemania 21.


We were out by the Team LA store and JBL came out. He taunted us and we booed him.


I guess the 30 man battle royal was on Heat. Did the commentators say what Booker T would get because he won? There were Booker and Regal chants. I think Heidenrich was over.


I liked Eddie/Rey. Eddie was over huge (maybe cause he lies, cheats, and steals,) There was a small 619 chant too.


Money in the Bank- The crowd booed when the staff members were extinguishing the ladders on the stage. That was a good match. It reminded me of all those TLC matches with out the tables.


Eugene came out and then Hassan beat him up. When Hogan came out, I nearly lost my voice and probably the most the crowd did the same. This is a close as I have to come to seeing Hogan wrestle live. The crowd cheered for him for 5 minutes then he left.


Orton vs Undertaker. Undertaker did some cool levatation (riding a platform to the ring,) Match was good. I could not take a picture of the Tombstone Piledriver because a fan 2 rows down decided to raise his arms and celebrate.


Angle vs. HBK. The crowd was 50/50 for each man. The crowd chanted "Let's go Angle" and then "Let's go HBK". There was also a "You screwed Bret!" chant. That was probably the match of the night. I did not expect HBK to lose cleanly in the ring by tapping out.


The women's title match. People around me started getting up and leaving to go the bathroom. The match could have been better but Trish retained.


Piper's Pit. When ever Piper would say something about the What! chants, the crowd would chant What! louder. I did not expect Carlito coming but I expected him to be Stunnered (if that is a word).


Sumo match Read women's match except it was shorter, Big Show's aattire was horrible, and is he cursed. He has not won a single Wrestlemania match in his career. People booed the wrestlers when they went into their corners to get more salt.


JBL vs, Cena. More people paid attention to the fake money and gold stuff falling from the rafters than JBL kissing his belt good bye. Match was short and showed how limited each of their movesets were. JBL was kind of treated like a jobber. I think there a lot of stalling in the match.


The HOF segment was next while they were setting for Motorhead. Hogan was over. *Tune in to Raw to find out if he coming back*


Motorhead has a lot gear.


I figured there would be more brawling in the main event. If they hate each other, should they beat the pulp out of each other. This match was ok.


Batista celebrated for about five minutes then left. The highlights package was shown and Howard Finkel that us for coming. (Why does the WWE have 3 ring announcers?)


I bought a Wrestlemania t-shirt and program and then went home.


Overall, I really liked this show. (I paid $400 for two tickets, I better have liked it.) I want the DVD for WM21. The crowd the was hot and most of matches were good. I don't know how it falls under the Greatest Wrestlemania of Alll Time but it might in the top ten.


But what do I know? I am just a mark.


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