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Senior Stupidity

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Prophet of Mike Zagurski


t's been a long semester.


First of all, when I got to school last week, three of my classes changed rooms. Two of those changes happened without the school telling me.


The third was a special circumstance that was my fault. I went to the wrong class for two sessions. Had I printed out another schedule I could have figured this out.


I switched classes because I didn't know how to tell the other instructor that I'm an idiot.


Yesterday when I got to school my biology room changed again.


Please God let me graduate in May. I promise I won't even think about going back to school until 2010.


My assignment for media class is to avoid the media during the weekend. If I didn't like sports/football in the past, it would have been easy. I'm going to do my best to be productive during the weekend. I'll be okay. I haven't touched my video games in a long time.


(If I had a job, I would buy a working Xbox 360...grrr)



We lost our final game of the playoffs.

My superstition didn't work. *Hint* It's visible on my profile pic.




Also forgot to mention. My school's BlackBoard isn't working for me. Time to complain to some one.



I heard the VMA's sucked. I didn't know that they were on. I could make fun of the fact that MTV doesn't play music videos but I don't care. I watch what I want on Youtube.


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