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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Dolby Digital Blowout

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Prophet of Mike Zagurski


I haven't written anything here in a while and I've been thinking about doing a video game column. I know I'll lose intrest in it quickly but here we go.


I had this weird obsession over Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo since in came out in the arcades in the mid 90's. Maybe because the arcade I went to as kid didn't have it or it never made it to the 16 bit systems. Back then, I thought it should have happened but in retrospect it was a good idea because it's predecessor didn't do very well.


Anyway, time passed and Super Turbo made on every home system since the 16 bit era. Nothing changed with the ports and the graphics became really dated. 2D sprites on your 100 inch television set tend to look really bad. Capcom decided to release the game once again with pretty graphics.


I don't know what to say. Capcom and it's partners did an excellent job with this remake. To be blunt, I didn't like the bigger, redrawn graphics. It looked like the developers zoomed into screen. After awhile I got use to this change. The characters look like the anime version of Street Fighter. If you want to see how the characters would look on your display, there is an option to toggle the old sprites. They look rawful.


The music was remixed by the good folks at OverClocked Remixed. You can download a different version of the soundtrack of their website. It's really, really good if you like the Street Fighter background music in the first place.You can also listen to the old soundtrack by toggling it in options.


In Remixed mode, they changed a few of the motions like the Spinning Piledriver to make it easier to perform. I love this feature because I can't normally do one. There were a few minor tweaks done to certain moves. Guile's Flash Kick shoots up towards your opponent and instead of straight up. I don't have problem with 360's controls but I'm sure some people will use joysttcks.


The only problem that I have with it that there isn't much substance to it. There aren't any bonus features. Arcade mode is easy to go through and then you are stuck with playing people online. That too can be frustrating because you will run in to the one guy WHO CAN'T STOP DOING THE PSYCHO CRUSHER OVER AND OVER AGAIN!. Also, jerks who pulls. THey suck also.


If you are a Street Fighter fan Iw would definitely recommend it.

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Yeah, I'm more used to a gamepad because when I started to learn how to play fighting games, I used a game. I have a joystick for the original Xbox but I never felt right using it because in an arcade I'm used to standing and using the stick. Sitting on my bed with the joystick in my lap didn't feel right.


(Yes I know the following sentence sounds wrong.)


Many gamers prefer joysticks but I don't.

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Primal Rage is just a hard game in general. I rented the SNES version and I think I was only able to pull of a handful of moves. Fun fact: Midway released it for the Xbox/PlayStation in Midway Arcade Treasures 2 and I still can't play it very well.

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That is a game when the joystick configuration really helps. The game doesn't move well to begin with. Although the Genesis version with the six button pad wasn't too bad here. I can't quite remember the joystick movement to get Chaos peeing, but you moved the joystick and held down two buttons. You then moved the joystick again and held down all four buttons.



Here we go.


To Perform it:

Part 1- Hold X + A, Down, Down,

Part 2- Whilst Holding X + A, Press and Hold Y + B, Back, Forward, Back Forward

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