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Next BCW Show

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So apparently the NWA title will be defended in my hometown for the first time since the 1960s in one months time. I'm no big Jarrett fann but having him at a BCW show with Raven is pretty exciting, and it sounds like AJ Styles will be at this show too (and he was just awesome at the last one). The whole concept of this show sounds great (Canada vs. USA challenge with PEtey Williams, AJ Styles, AMW, Alex Shelley, and other involved) with Raven vs. JJ for the NWA title.


I already bought my front row ticket and look forward to another packed house (Observer says the last show had 1,900 people there - I thought that figure sounded high for a one floor room but my pal who set up the chairs says it's not totally out of question) and fun show.

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