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Halloween wasn't that bad

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I read through the Halloween thread here, and have checked out a few others on-line, and I really don't see how people have such huge hatred for the movie. Was it a great movie? No, far from it. But compared to all of the other remakes, reimaginings, prequels, etc, that have come out in the last 5 years or so, it's far & away the best and most entertaining.


I liked that Michael Myers was a larger-than-life, long-haired realistic psychopath. I hate horror movies that involve allegedly normal (e.g. not undead) boogie-men in which the bad guy can be shot, stabbed, plummet several stories, thrown through windows, etc, and still get up like it's nothing. But when it's a character that is well over 6' tall and of large proportions, it makes sense that it'll take more to kill them or even keep them down. And the long hair? It's a petty thing for me, but I can't see a psychopath that hasn't talked in 15 years willingly go to get his hair trimmed, nor can I see the administrators at Smiths Grove forcing him to stay close-cropped. And in terms of him just being a bullied kid with esteem issues that finally snaps? I prefer it; it's more realistic. (Plus, how so many people hate Myers but jerk off over Freddie Krueger is shocking to me. Krueger the child-rapist is cool; Krueger the wise-cracking funnyman is beyond lame, IMHO).


I loved how they showed that Myers had made countless masks throughout the years; while the mask & hair combination made him look like a member of Slipknot occasionally, I still liked it as a theme throughout the movie. The kid thought that he was ugly and sought safety in a mask.


Malcom McDowell was awesome, as expected. I was more suspicious of him in the Loomis role than I was anything else about the movie, and he pulled it off with ease. I dug the "He wrote an exploitative book about Michael Myers" angle, too ... it made him less altruistic. All of the other 'cameo' or guest-appearances was dope as well; I liked seeing so many "name" actors and actresses pop up throughout the movie. And while Sherri Moon Zombie is still a relative amateur as an actress, she's improved 100% since Ho1kC. Oh, and it goes without saying, Cheerleader tirts are a the best tirts of them all ... especially one that wears a Slayer shirt.


I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

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Krueger the child-rapist is cool; Krueger the wise-cracking funnyman is beyond lame, IMHO.


Whatever. Too bad if you could get away with raping kids you'd do so in a heartbeat, fagwheel. Well, if you consider getting killed by the neighbors and turning into some nightmare monster "getting away."


Wait a second, am I mistaking you for Vyce again?

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He's the one that would rape the neighborhood kids.


I'm the one that would have them fellate their dogs and piss in my mouth.


So, yeah, you're getting us confused.

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