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Bored's Pointless Top 25 Fuck Cal Edition

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Before I get to the football, this week I go on baseball overdrive with the Bored's 2007 MLB Awards and Bored's 2007 MLB Player Rankings. Both are great if you were in a coma since April which I wish I was instead of being subjected to the A's season.


I didn't end up having work yesterday after all so I was able to be lazy and gorge myself on college football all day after all but the Cal/Oregon game left such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn't feel like doing an unfunny Wrap Up entry. Cal is now a legit Top 3 team which means there is no God.


As for my Pointless Top 25, with so many top teams losing this weekend it is pretty much impossible not to give some 1 loss teams a decent ranking. But that being said I stil think the entire Top 10 should only be unbeaten teams, even though that is proving very difficult. Again don't even bother reading it.


1. LSU

2. USC

3. Fuck!

4. Ohio State

5. Kentucky

6. South Florida

7. Boston College

8. Wisconsin

9. Arizona State

10. Cincinnati

11. Oregon

12. South Carolina

13. Florida

14. Missouri

15. Georgia

16. Purdue

17. Oklahoma

18. Kansas

19. West Virginia

20. Kansas State

21. Illinois

22. Michigan State

23. Texas

24. Hawaii

25. Connecticut



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I feel for you about Cal. I don't mind them myself, but I feel the same way about WSU that you do about Cal. The WSU rose bowl years sucked ass. Especially since I lived in Spokane which is Cougar Country. Anyone besides USC on Cal's schedule that has a good chance of knocking them off?

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Well fortunately Cal has a brutal in conference road schedule this year with the the most obvious one being Arizona State, who granted hasn't played that tough of a schedule but has bludgeoned to death everyone in their path so far. That'll be the second half a pontentially dangerous back-to-back road trip preceded by UCLA. And hey UW in November in Seattle could be landmine. The depressing thing for me is even if Cal loses to USC they would still have a great shot at the Rose Bowl which is almost, on some level, worse than them getting to play for the national title. So really I have to root for two losses or for USC to get upset at some point and beat Cal to send the Trojans to Pasadena.

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Your rankings are fine. I agree with not liking to rank 1 loss teams over undefeateds. Cal will handle Arizona State, the Sun Devils tend to start off slowly and that'll lead to Cal getting a huge lead in a hurry before ASU musters up something.


I think Cal might lose to UCLA.

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