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2008 HOF Profiles: Holdovers

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Next week (I think) the 2008 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot will be released. Last year I did individual entries on each player on the ballot and I plan on doing the same thing this year for the first ballot players. Of course there is no point in redoing the holdovers from last year's ballot, and I'm much too lazy to update them, so here's links to each entry listed in order of the percentage of the vote they received last year. None of my opinions have changed as I would still vote Mark McGwire, Bert Blyleven, and Alan Trammell.


1. Goose Gossage 71.2% (9th year on ballot)

2. Jim Rice 63.5% (14th)

3. Andre Dawson 56.7% (7th)

4. Bert Blyleven 47.7% (11th)

5. Lee Smith 39.8% (6th)

6. Jack Morris 37.1% (9th)

7. Mark McGiwre 23.5% (2nd)

8. Tommy John 22.9% (14th)

9. Dave Concepcion 13.6% (15th and final year)

10. Alan Trammell 13.4% (7th)

11. Dave Parker 11.4% (12th)

12. Don Mattingly 9.9% (8th)

13. Dale Murphy 9.2% (10th)

14. Harold Baines 5.3% (2nd)

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