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TSB Sim Season: Wild Card Playoffs

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Back in August when I was completely out of ideas for this blog I started simming a Tecmo Super Bowl season using an NES emulator I downloaded like five years ago and posted the results here. I got through the regular season but for the playoffs I'd decided I should sit and watch the computer play itself instead of just simming the games and I was Bored in a hurry. After two games I stopped and eventually forgot about the whole thing. But I'm currently out of ideas again so might as well finish thing, just in time for the real NFL Playoffs.


So you don't have to go digging for the old entries (and why would you?) here's the playoff picture:




Since I don't think I ever bothered to watch the computer play itself back in the day I don't remember if there is any sort of bug that causes every playoff game to be decided by exactly seven points but that is what happened in this round. Hopefully that won't continue.


AFC Wild Card: San Diego Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins




Scoring Summary


SD: Butts 42 Run


SD: Carney 23 FG


MIA: Clayton 62 Pass from Marino

MIA: Clayton 24 Pass from Marino


MIA: Stoyanovich 21 FG


Mark Clayton burned the Chargers’ secondary for 152 yards as after a sluggish first half the Dolphins dominate the second half to advance. Charges moved the ball inside the Dolphins’ 30 late in the 4th quarter but turned it over on downs.


NFC Wild Card: Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles


When I did this game back in August it looks like I forgot to take a screen shot of the boxscore.



Eagles 28, Redskins 21


Scoring Summary


WAS: Clark 59 Pass from Rypien

PHI: Williams 52 Pass from Cunningham


WAS: Clark 25 Pass from Rypien

PHI: Williams 44 Pass from Cunningham

WAS: Clark 14 Run


PHI: Cunningham 4 Run


PHI: Sherman 21 Run


An amazing performance by QB Eagles aka Randall Cunningham leads the Eagles into the next round. Cunningham threw for 220 yards and ran for 127 more as the Redskins defense did not force the Eagles to punt the entire game. The Redskins offense moved through the Eagle defense like butter in the first half scoring all three possessions but could not get a first down in the second half.


AFC Wild Card: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Houston Oilers




Scoring Summary


HOU: Fuller 37 Fumble Return


HOU: Jefferies 11 Pass from Moon


PIT: Hoge 7 Run


HOU: Duncan 19 Pass from Moon

PIT: Williams 3 Run


In the a battle of the #3 offense in the league and the #1 defense in the league, offense won out as the Oilers outlast the Steelers. Pittsburgh made it a game after digging a 14-0 hole and had the ball at the end of the game but in true Tecmo computer fashion they ran the ball and ran out the clock.


NFC Wild Card: Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Giants




LA: Warner 1 Run


NY: Megget 2 Run

LA: Lansford 29 FG

NY: Bahr 55 FG


LA: Gary 5 Run


LA: Anderson 13 Pass from Everett

NY: Ingram 36 Pass from Simms


The defending Super Bowl Champs season comes to a disastrous end as after choking away a first round bye down the stretch they then proceed to be upset by the Rams in the Wild Card round. Willie Anderson went wild on the Giants secondary as the Rams were able to the move the ball without much resistance most of the game. Giants scored a meaningless touchdown as time expired to make the final score closer than it really was.

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